Friday, December 24, 2010

Look out....

As mentioned before, I had a chance to meet up with some eXXXtremely talented FFistmates while in Berlin. One of them is the super hungry SchaaFF. This boy is a 22yr old (newly turned) piglet from Cologne, that is talented beyond his years. SchaaFF and I met over a year ago, when he was 20 yrs old, when he and his partner hosted me on a trip to Cologne. From the moment I sank my paw in his hole, I could tell this boy has that special FFactor about him. It was similar to more than 15 yrs ago when I stuck my fist in a young blond curly haired boys ass, now known as Breaker1, and a few others as well. I was thinking what will this boy be like when hes 30? I plan to find out :)

SchaaFF made plans to come out to Bln for the Hustlaball, and I as more than happy to return the favor hosting him. He also told me that he wanted to make a hot video for We had made a couple of short clips the year before, but he said he regretted not making more, so this time he was ready to make some hot FFun sfuFF!!

When he arrived in Bln, I showed him a bit of the city, enjoyed some food and drinks etc. Some of my friends that I had told that this boy was coming out were shocked when they actually met him. The could not believe that this cute, young unassuming, shy boy was the young pig I had been so excited about. Well for the few that got a glimpse of the videos we made, ended up with mouth wide open and eyes bulging...or in the case of 1 of my friends, it drove him into a horny ffrenzy and running for his toy box. I am sure you will be shocked at what this boy can take too. 
Trust me, look out for SchaaFF 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Yep its already that time again.... this year seems to flew by so fast, but I can honestly say 2010 was a great one. I really hope that you have enjoyed '10 and look for big things coming up very in the new year.
I am back in SF now for the winter, after spending a few months in Eu (Berlin mainly), and got out of there just in time to escape the extreme temperatures and snow for the milder Cali temps. I feel like a migratory bird these days, lol. Berlin was awesome as usual and I had a chance to connect with some absolutely amazing ffistmates, but more on that in the coming weeks and months. 

Since returning to SF, I have been busy working on our other website, with (working) partner Dyn0. This site features super star Race Cooper, and features fast cars, and some of the hottest men & boys on the net...along with hot sucking and hard fucking action (no Fist). Don't expect to see Dyn0 or me in the action on this site, I am behind the camera on this site, directing the action.... this site was nominated for a CyberSocket Web award, for "Best Black Theme Site". We are all very proud to be nominated...but we'll be even prouder if we win!!! So go to the link or to the website and vote.

Form all of us at Handball Media (, & we wish you all the merriest of Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwaanzaa, and the best New Year ever 


Thursday, December 16, 2010


After David Novak had his way with Dyn0 in Blue Eyes, his hole was hungry for some stretching too. This lil adorable piglet could not wait to get his hole pounded by some big fists. David is cute, playful and a joy to play with and very appreciative of a good hole workout.

We met in person when we passed each other on the street during Easter wkd. When we shook hands, he held on to my hand and felt it up a bit, then flashed a big smile, batted those big blue eyes, and said "I like big hands"...... music to my ears. I knew that this was going to be ffun:)



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now with more finding stuff...

Quick update men.  We finally added a search engine to the members area!

Now lets say you wanted to see all the videos that feature a sling or speculum play?  Just put your favorite word, phrase or models name in the search box and you will get results accordingly.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes features superstar David Novak, and Dyn0. David contacted Dyn0 and I in early spring while in SF, filming some scenes with some large studios. Unfortunately I was in Berlin at the time and could not get him in front of the camera, but we made plans for just that when he arrived in Berlin a month later for Easter. David and I talked a few times in Berlin and made some plans, and even in the hustle and bustle of Easter in Berlin, I could tell he was very serious and really wanted to make some time to play, and on cam ...even better! As I walking 1 day I walked past David, we both stopped and pointed at each other ..."You".... The 1st thing I noticed about this boy is his big blue eyes, the second thing I noticed was this is a furry little fucker! After talking with him a bit, we made some solid plans. 

David came over very horny as most are while in the Easter frenzy. He definately wanted to have his little ass worked over by my big paws, but also said he was versatile, and would love to fist some hole too...ummmm!?!   Enter Dyn0. David was very happy with the idea and was happy to give Dyn0 a hand then 2 hands, then an arm. This was a nice session to satisfy his ff top side of  this piglet and make his own hole ready for some hot action.

enjoy Blue Eyes


Monday, October 11, 2010

Have You Seen This?

I recently moved into a new apartment and decided it was high time to post a video on XTUBE.    Not that i was interested in doing something separate STUDFIST but because there are a million videos of faceless headless people riding dildos and they always left me wanting something more 

Check it out -  and enjoy

Oh and of course I am always inspired to by Amerifist to GO BIG

And GO BIG I must...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bar Backing

This video stars, 26yr old, S. Cali-boy, Chuck Deep. Chuck came up to SF to visit after a long time of chatting with me, and we finally met. He is a very cool boy as well as a major exhibitionist and loves to be watched. We did a few of the touristy things and of course all the bars in castro and Soma. While at Chaps 2 on the famed Folsom St. After a few shots 1 night he said "i've always wanted to get fisted in a bar, on the bar". I have fisted a few guys on a bar before, but in EU where the laws are a bit different, still the idea is a grand idea.......

I just so happen to know the owners of Chaps and they agreed to let us shoot there. Chuck was a happy boy, knowing he would get to be fisted on a bar ...and the 1st time hes ever been on camera as well. It's not the same as having a big crowd watching the horny action, but its the next best thing. He was a bit nervous at 1st, but for lots of guys once the action starts, they forget the camera is even on, and have at it. His case was no different, as we just played as we would normally, and at some point we turn on the camera and capture all the hotness. 

Don't let this cute young boy looks fool you, Chuck is an amazing cocksucker and LOVES having something big in his ass..... a cock, a fist, a fist and a cock. This boy just gets more and more hungry while deep throating my cock and grinding his ass on my cock...just ffantastic. There will be more to come of this stud in the future for sure

Enjoy Bar Backing


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Folsom

Firstly I want to apologize for not writing on here for a while, things have been crazy busy lately...and you will hear more about that later.

It's now  Folsom-SF wkd, and the is full of hungry, horny pigs.  Its been a blast so far meeting up with some old friends and meeting some very new ones as well. Last night was the Gayvn awards, which is like the Oscars of the gay porn world, it was a lot of fun....nothing like a theatre full of porn models horny and liqueured up, getting a pat on the back for all their HARD work.

Tonight is Magnitude, where again this year I will be performing with Dyn0, and RSS superstar Matthew Soul. It should be a Hot night for sure. 

Hope everyone enjoys their FFolsom wkd


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Take5 features Hayden1970, a sexy pup from Bristol, UK. For this hot session, we planned to have a friend of Haydens come over and film it. We had the bedroom all set up for the session with rubber sheets on the bed and lube at the ready. Hayden and I passed each other in the kitchen and started at it....the camera man ran to grab the camera to catch all the hot action. So we decided to play right there in the kitchen proving kitchen tables are not not just for meals.

Haydens hole has continually gotten bigger and harder over the yrs and that pup is hungry. He takes some awesome punched and asks for more, and well as riding hard on my arms and clenched fist.

We had not seen each other for some time and were both so worked up and horny for this session, that he never even got his cloths completely off before I had my fist inside him. Avery hot session with a very sweet sexy fistmate.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This video features the sexy, hot PunchPig4Service. I finally had a chance to meet this stud, after years of chatting back and fourth and just missing each other in city after city. PunchPig came for a visit in Berlin for a few days. We had already discussed the possibilities of filming some hot stuFF, and when we met in person, we both knew we were both in. 

We played the full weekend on and off camera, and in various locations..... PunchPig is a insatiable boy that loves getting his ass nailed, yep my kinda pig :) One afternoon we decided to go to Jaxx a local sex-club in Berlin, which just happen to be around the corner from my flat. The club is dark and definitely has a sexy sleazy feel, dark lighting, black walls and lots of guys milling cruising or going from cabin to cabin. Even the sounds there are horny....the sound of sex music mixed with the moaning and groaning of many porn movies playing all at once. We found 1 of the larger cabins and before 
I knew it his naked ass was
on the bench begging to be punched.

The space was a bit cramped with all of us (Dyn0 on camera) in there, but we managed to get some really hot action, including a really hot piss play, which has the darkest yellowest piss I ever seen in my entire life. That shit was sticky, bitter and nasty, MMMmmmmm. It was very natural and spur of the moment, and you get the action as it happened. 

PunchPig is an awesome guy and I enjoyed 4 very hot days with this stud, and plan to enjoy his company and his ass again in the future. You can expect to see much more of this stud in the future.

This video was labeled a "Gorrilla video shoot" and we plan to bring more of this type stuff in the future



Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Look for

The next video post,  Rendezvous, featuring Nicolas Torri, will mark the 1st video with our new fresh look. You will see some noticeable changes in the videos. The new footage is all shot in HD, and some other things to improve the videos. You will see lots new hot studs, and some of your favorites like you have never seen before. There is some Fucking hot videos on the way, and I can't wait to start working on them and get them out to you. You will also see some gradual changes in the site itself, with more to come. With all the changes you will see, our mission will not ever change, you will get hot, real, unscripted, unrehearsed, raunchy videos, with hardcore FF action. 

We are very proud of this evolution on this site and hope you enjoy them too. As always your feedback is always welcome, so don't hesitate to contact me with your thoughts -

Enjoy & Happy Fisting


Friday, May 21, 2010


While in Paris, I made contact with a good ffriend Superstar, Nicolas Torri. Nick is a sexy lil studpup, with an amazingly hungry hole. He is also 1 of the nicest pigs I ever met. We made a date 1 sunny afternoon and I went to his flat and shared a few beers and laughs with Nick and his superstar bf, David Castan. Then we got to some smokin hot action.  Nick was as hungry as ever, and I hardly got my pants off before my cock was resting comfortably in his throat. David grabbed his camera and said "this is hot, lets get it on camera!". WHAT?.. FILM?... ME? .....well ok, lol

Nick's had his hot hairy ass was up in the air, in no time begging to be filled. Nick's hole can take a hell of a punching and also can do amazing depth and he really loved having my big forearms in his hole. He took some hard punches like the pro he is and begged for more, then pushed his very beautiful red rosebud out to greet me.
Nick is also very energetic, reactive when playing and verbal....a true power bottom, and keeps very good connection with his playmates (eyes and hole). When my arms slide in deep in his hole the look on his face says it all.

Needless to say we ended up with some ffantastic ffootage, which we are both very happy to share with you. Definitely expect to see more of this pup and David in the future.

Enjoy Rendezvous


Saturday, April 17, 2010


This the 2nd portion of a 3- way session with Dyn0 & FisthunterDK.

After DynO had enjoyed some time getting his hole worked over, Fisthunter got the chair. I really love playing with this studpups ass. It just gets wider and wider each time I slide my paws in. By now I know his hole very well, and it knows my hands, so a good session is  about to happen.

Fisthunter crawled up in the Gyn0-chair and got strapped in, lubed up and his hole was ready to go. After stretching out Dyn0's big hole earlier, he just could not wait for his turn, and I could not wait to give him my paws. Some very nice stretching in the chair then off to the fisting bench for some good hard punching and more stretching. 

Half of the fun of playing with this pup is listening to him babble on and on about god knows what. Its very funny and a turn on to me for sure, and earned him the nick-name FistBabbleDK, lol.

Fisthunter has become quite the legend in FF circles, and definately 1 of the most most popular studs on more than that he is a very close friend, and you can expect to see more of him getting wider each time :)

enjoy Wreckage


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Berlin - Easter 2010

Its now Tuesday April 6th, and recovering from a wild crazy wkd in Berlin. The steady sounds of rollerbags being pulled down the streets fill the air, and signal the close of BLF. The city seems quite somber compared to last few days, as many make the return portion of an annual migration to wherever they came from, and Berlin becomes "normal" again, or as normal as Berlin can be.

The wkd was awesome. The events here are unlike anything I have ever experienced. Thursday was the kickoff of it all, with fist/fuck invasion at Riezbar. After playing most of the afternoon with FisthunterDK, we connected with Dyn0, and Redffunboy and went to the bar. The party was great and had a chance to also connect with some other ffriends and early arrivals in the city. Friday night was Fisthall (Laboratoty). This place rocks! Seems that everytime I go to this place for an event, there is a new section god knows just how big this building is. The set up is ffantastic, and def 1 of my fav pig styes. Saturday was the world famous Snax. This party is ENOURMOUS, with the dance floors of the Berghain, and the Laboratory open. One can do a little dancing and then playing and repeat, or all at once if you like.... Sunday was Mutschmanns (my fav leather/fetish) bar. There Putexib and I found a nice spot to play on the sofa at the entrance to the darkroom. At 1 time FisthunterDK was getting nailed by 2 fists next to me stretching Putexib's big hole.....what a nice site....
We payed there for a while then in the darkroom, til we decided the dark room was far to dark :/ So we went upstairs to the main bar and played there on the pool table for a few hrs. A very hot and nice way to cap off the hot wkd.

Of course the wkd was a chance to get some awesome videos made with some amazing pigs, some of your favs, and some new faces and asses as well. I will fill in those blanks in a later blog.

Hope everyone had a great ffun Easter holiday


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dyn0 meets FistHunter

On a recent trip to Berlin, I was accompanied on part of it by my buddy and other (workin) half, Dyn0. It was his 1st time visiting the place I call my 2nd home, and was nice showing the city a bit and introducing him to some of my friends and ffriends there. FisthunterDK was going to be in town for a wkd as well during this time, and I just knew that the two of them would hit it off well, and sure enough they did.

On 1 evening, we decided to have a little 3 way meeting, and the chrome apt just happen to be free.....
As you all know Fisthunter has a ginormous hole, and so does Dyn0, so I just knew I'ld have the 2 of them on each om wrists at some point in the evening :) Fisthunter can also fist a hole as well as he can take it, and he demonstarted that on a more than willing Dyn0-ass. 

Fisthunter worked open Dyn0's hole, with punching and stretching, then some hot double ffisting, in the gyno-chair, then over to the fistbench, where my hands took on a life of their own and joined Fisthunter's hand inside Dyn0's hole, for a really big stretch. We cap things off with the two of them ass up on the sofa to take some hard punches. An awesome meeting of 2 of my best friends and a very hot session......and theres more :)
Enjoy Dyn0 meets FistHunter


Monday, March 22, 2010

Coming to you LIVE from Berlin

Dyn0 here.  Been in Berlin a week now and I love this city a little more every day.

Last November I came into town to meet up with Amerifist and see what the scene was all about and maybe make some video.  Mission Accomplished.

Since that last visit we have been working hard to improve all of our production routines, processes and upgrade our equipment.  Some of these changes are in production now, and we have purchased  and started recording using our new cameras and lights.  All in an effort to improve the quality of our videos while never straying from our goal:   TO PRODUCE THE BEST AMATEUR FISTING PORN

So now that we have made all of our production improvements its time to make some videos!

This past weekend we had a new friend join us from Johannesburg, SA : PunchPig4Service AKA PunchPig.  He was SO much fun to work with  - a true pig with his own style and nasty attitude.  What was really great about working with him was that he was so enthusiastic about  He also was very adventurous and joined us on GUERILLA recording rampage as the 3 of us smuggled  our gear into a couple of Berlin sex clubs and secretly made some AWESOME fist vids.    Couldn't have asked for more from him - CHEERS DUDE.

PunchPig left for his next stop on his travels which leaves us to putter around Berlin looking for our next filming opportunity.  Today we had brunch, checked out shoes and rubber gear at a store called GEAR, took naps, went to the gym,
and went to dinner.  All good stuff.

Hollywood Kiss To Berlin & 
Wish you were here -

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trial Membership

Now for a limited time only we are giving an additional subscription offer. The new offer is 48hr trial membership. This is only good for a limited time only, so its a very good time for you to come in and check us out. Enjoy


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


After several days of pain and sleepless nights, I finally hauled my ass to the dentist. The pain was becoming unbearable, and I would wake in the middle of the night and run for the Ibuprophen....and anyone who has taken that knows it takes what seems like forever to kick when you're in pain. So my buddy Phillip recommended a dentist, close to my flat. Seems this dentist has been seen prowling around the Lab (Fausthouse) before, so how appropriate that he would be working on my mouth, haha.

So after poking around in my mouth for a while, he says "you have a small cavity in #47 (back tooth) , and needs a filling". WASSSSSAHHH???  A cavity?!?!? Oh well, lets just fix it, so I can get some sleep. Also I have a trip to London planned next week, so whatever needs to done, lets do it, sos I can be well recovered by then. The day of the filling, I walked in and was waiting about a half an hour....just enough time to hear lots of high pitched drills, and to see other folks walking out holding their cheeks, etc. By now I was starting to freak a bit. As I said before, I have never had any major dental work, no cavities, no fillings, etc. Other than getting my wisdoms pulled (was out cold for that) and a partial filling for a chip due to sports, but thats it.

I went in, and he started to prep his tools, all I was wanting to see in front of me was the anastesia. Once  had that, I was golden. Again lots of poking around with various tolls, then he stopped, turned off the blinding light, and explained " the cavity is deeper than he had thought, and the tooth has to be removed" OY VAY!!!!!! We wasted no time, the next morning (yesterday) I had it yanked out, and even with some pain from that its still less than before,,,, and I got some killer meds :)

So now this truly feels like home. Have experienced great highs and this low here in Bln. Now I'm in bed recovering, with 1 less tooth.....guess its better to have lose 1 in back than 1 in the front, eh?

take care of your teeth


Thursday, February 25, 2010


When in the UK, I always enjoy connecting with 1 of my favorite FF mates, Hayden70. Hayden is a very sexy pup with a nice hungry ass, and loves to have it worked. When we met up we were trying to come up with something a bit different for a video. At lunch we both were talking about the beautiful weather that Bristol had been getting.....suddenly we looked at each other, and from his smirk I could tell he was thinking what I was thinking....."LETS PLAY OUTSIDE" I said, he said "I know the perfect spot." So we got our selves all geared up and headed out to the spot.

There is a popular cruising spot off in the woods, that only gets really busy at night and on wkds, it was perfect.  We followed a trail to a point that you cant go any further, and from where we were we could see anyone coming long before they saw us (we hoped).  Walking down to the spot, we passed a few hikers, and runners, so we  knew we'd have to be very watchful for passers by.

The weather was perfect, and it became a bit cloudy as we started, which was great cos I had feared that his extremely white booty might be overexposed in the bright sunlight. The session was hot as usual...Hayden's pretty ass framed in latex chaps, mmmmm. Lots of lube and some good punches it opened up beautifully for me. Unfortunately following the session 1 of the cameras harddrives died and the other angles footage with it. God rest its soul - RIP JVC.......

Really enjoyed getting in the great outdoors with this pup. Every trip into the woods should be so much ffun :)

enjoy OutDoorsMen


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greetings from snowy Berlin

I have had a very busy last few months, working on the project, arranging things for upcoming video projects, finalizing things with the flat in Berlin (which there seems to be always something to finalize) and traveling a bit as well. As many of you may know Eu has become my new hangout, and will be spending more time in Eu than ever. It has been awesome to catch up with friends here in Germany, and to get over to Paris for some time to meet up with some friends. Big Thanks you to Robin Paris you are ffucking awesome, and thx to the sexy CPhot.
Of course this also gave me a chance to connect with some familiar faces and holes as well. No trip to France would be complete without feeling the insides of Putexib. We met up in Paris and had a session to end all sessions. Also while in Paris I was able to connect with SuperStar Nicholas Torri, what a sexy stud he is. You will see and hear more about them both in the near future.
I will be in Europe for some time, and traveling quite a bit, maybe a city near you, lol, next stop London.

I have also been doing quite a bit of upgrading for the site. Dyn0 has been working hard to keep the site fresh, and looking pretty. I have been searching for new things in order to better your viewing (and wanking) pleasures. We now have great new HD cams, so you will be able to see every pore on an ass and with great color and clarity.  Many other upgrades have been secured too, and we hope you notice and enjoy the changes that you will see soon. We have many videos already in the can, so it will be some time before the HD vids are posted. But we will soon give you some sneak previews of some of the new stuFF.

hope everyone is having loads of ffun