Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scene locations

I am always on the lookout for new scene locations for both sites. So if anyone have, apartments, garages, playrooms, bars, (private) backyards, decks, gardens, rooftops, or any cool spaces that would work for a shoot for or it would be awesome. As I said before I love shooting outside, and hoping to shoot some hot scenes near the Russian River in Northern California soon. If anyone has any great outdoors spaces in that area please get in contact. A few days ago we shot a super hot scene with Drew Cutler and Tristan Phoenix at Steamworks Berkeley for E9, and we shot a Studfist scene there with Trent Bloom last year, see Double Dip. Shooting at Steamworks is always awesome, and the Mtg and staff are very cool, and welcoming hosts. 

I can be reached via email,


Monday, July 2, 2012

Roof Top'D

This summer I planned a trip down to Southern California, with some shoots set up for our other website Of course I had to set up some time to connect  my favorite California boy, Chuck Deep. I made it a point to set up some time between shoots to visit this Chuck and explore his hungry hole. When we met up, we talked about how beautiful the day was and how it would be awesome to film out session outdoors somewhere...

Chuck knew of just the spot. He knew of a roof top, that would be perfect, so we went for it. I absolutely LOVE shooting outside, using natural sunlight and awesome background views, so when that opportunity comes along, I am all for it.

Chuck's hole was super hungry as usual, begging to be punched out, so I did just that. Chuck, sporting his shaggy-chic look, and aviators, looked so hot with his legs wide open and his beautiful hole begging for more. He then squatted down on my arm, even with helicopters buzzing around now and then could not stop this stud taking a nice hot ride. 

The whole thing was awesome, I love how the sun hit lense just right causing beautiful lense flares. It was a perfect day fisting my this boy, in a perfect spot. 
Enjoy Roof Top'D