Thursday, May 22, 2008


This vid features my fav FFistpup, Uber pig FisthunterDK, formerly known as FistbuttomDK. The scene picks up right where FistbuttomDK returns left off, shifting the action to the gyno-chair. The action builds up harder and harder getting closer and closer to the double fist. If it weren't for that darn troublesome thumb knuckle......
The concept of all Studfist videos (this series esp) is "real & live" as if you are a fly on the wall. But during the editing of this vid even i had to chuckle at some points. I left a lot of the the chatter in, and hope you enjoy it as much as we had making it.

I recently met up with FDK in NYC, for a few days. He is an extremely cool guy that i very much enjoy spending time with, not to mention the hungriest bttm i have ever met. His hunger for a marathon session was clear from the 1st time we played, but the last session we had kicked it up a few notches. We started playing at 6:30pm, after some eXXXtremely hard play, we took a short break.... i wiped the crisco off the alarm clock, and saw that it was 2:30am. Of course like the greedy pigs we are, we played for a few more hrs (totally pnp free). As for the FFull double FF, all i can say at this point is, limits and hole were broken, tears (of joy) were shed, literally. And i couldn't be more proud of that FFIstpup:)

enjoy Spread 'Em


Monday, May 5, 2008

Thank You

I wanted to take a second and thank everyone for you patience with our recent problems with the site(s). Due to reasons out of our control, we were not able to post a few of the vids when intended. The main reason is that a few weeks ago my computer, literally blew up. I'll give everyone a moment to get all the crisco/j-lube jokes out of the way:)..........
When my computer died, it set off a chain reaction of problems, with editing on a different computer, getting content form 1 computer to the other, etc, etc. Murphy's law at its finest, whatever could go wrong did go wrong. We are still working out the bugs and getting set again, but most problems are fixed. So again, thank you all for your patience, during all this, and we hope the posted videos made it all worth the wait.