Sunday, January 6, 2008

FISTbttmDK returns!

On a recent holiday in Europe, I met up with a favorite Danish ffistpup, FistbuttomDK. I have played with FDK many times before and was very excited at the thought of some hot holeplay with him again. Before the trip he told me he was sure he could take a double this time. He said he has been "practicing" and sent me a few pics, and video clips of some sessions taking both fists quite easily for extended dbl punching, in some. A few things ran through my mind at that point. (That is after i finished wanking off) If I had a nickle for every time i have heard this....... I recently met up with another boy after chatting with for a while, who was also sure he could take them both. He sent me lots of pics/videos etc, and again, I wanked off. He said he take dbl as standard and depth to the elbow. He said have yet to play with a guy that he has not takin both fists. When we played he realized that my fists and arms are not "standard" He was a bit disappointed, but now he has a new goal. On the other hand, Maleman said , during several months between our play sessions, that he had been training and was hell bent on taking it (esp after he saw Breaker1 do it 1st) Sure enough he made good on that, as you can see. Strangely enough, both Maleman, and breaker have a very similar build (so much so that in a snapshots of vids I have to look close to tell who it is, in certain positions) both tall long and lean, and wide hipbones. FDK has a very different body shape.

I don't usually have any goals and such when i play, just that we have ffun, everything else will take care of itself. So whether FDK could take them or not didn't really matter, we would have ffun trying. We arranged to play 3 separate nights, with 1 night between. we figured that by the 3rd session he would get them for sure, if not before, and the night off would let his hole recover a bit between the marathon sessions that we both love.

The 1ST video, of this very HOT series, shows the 1st evening and some opening up building up to dbl attempts (so close). The next video will be in the gyn0 chair, back to the sling, and then the gyn0 chair again. Also a bit of action on the cages, or the sofa, as well. The sessions took place in the SMapartments (see blog) an awesome playspace and we used every piece of equipment in the apartment. The play will get more and more intense in the series, with some very cute chatter between playmates. Can he do it?

Fdk was pretty quiet in the previous videos here. Maybe due to being a bit camera shy. This time he totally forget the camera was on, and is chatting away, at some points he is clearly beside himself, and I'm not even sure what he is talking about. At 1 point he calls me the long version of my middle name (which he did not call me before or after, lol) I think he is so cute, and his verbalizing is very cute also. I left a lot of it in. We both hope you like this series as much as we liked making it.

Enjoy FISTbttmDK returns