Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back In SF

Just back home in SF after a month in Berlin. It was a great time as usual in such a fine city. I was able to connect with some awesome friends and met a few new ones as well. My good playmate SchaaFF came for a very hot wkd from Cologne. What a good boy he is :)

This trip also gave me a chance to test out my new digital (still) camera. I've always in the past worked my way up through technologies, like buying a low end camera then a year or 2 later, realizing that I need a better piece or equipment, then up  and on and on, til I have what I probably should have gotten at the start. Not to mention that technologies grow so fast, its hard to keep up sometimes, and whatever is new certainly beats the old crap you already have (or seems to). This time I went against my usual habits and bought a nice highish end DSLR camera, which I found a great deal on that was "must have".

The cam takes awesome pics, with amazing detail and lovely color right out of the cam, but will take some time to master the setting and such (this is NO point and shoot!). 

 My fantastic playbuddy GermanFistRider was happy to be a test subject and pose for some snaps during breaks in our recent session.

 I'll be adding more pics of hot sessions in time, as I'm enjoying my new burgeoning hobby

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming to London & Paris

I've asked a few of my buds in UK  and France already, but thought I'd put it on blast here too. I'm planning a trip to London and Paris this summer, and looking for a nice, but cheapish B&B or hotel for a week or so. I'm looking for Soho or Vauxhall or at least close to those areas in London, and in Paris in or near Le Marais area. If anyone knows of a place or knows someone who knows of a place, I will be most thankful. Contact me at