Sunday, October 28, 2007

Booty Camp-1st FFist

Every now and again I get messaged from guys fairly new to FF. They want to get trained, be in a video here, on xtube or just for personal use. As I explain my paws are a bit big for training in most cases. But i suppose its how hungry a boys hole is, and how bad he wants it. Although i have trained somewhat experienced boys to take more (harder punches, depth, etc), training a boy to take a hand, had no interest to me, and i didn't think i would be any good at it anyway. Recently i have scheduled a few training sessions with a few boys, which one of them calls "Booty Camp". Two of them have not taken a fist all the way before, and another that has not taken any fist larger than sm/med (on just 1 or 2 occasions) which to my hands may as well be a FF virgin. Well my playmates are making great progress, and have all 3 taken my Left fist (the Right is much bigger) after just a few sessions. I was surprised as anyone. Until these virgin FF boys, i have never been anyones 1st fist. Granted all of these boys had done their own training on Large toys, between sessions. Shawn Cohen (Twink Mega Pornstar) is one of my FF boys in training. Shawn and I have now had 3 training sessions, and i really enjoy his eager hungry attitude. The 1st 2 sessions we decided to record (not intended to post) but to record his progress, and to document his hole from point A to B. During the 3rd session he really opened up, and finally went "over the hump." It was awesome watching his very cute face, as he realized he had done it. In my playspace, I usually connect the camera to the TV, so boys can watch their holes open up. It's amazing how much some boys will push themselves when a camera is on, and even more when they can see it as it happens. Also its very cute to watch his enthusiasm as he feels my hand in his hole, and see his own hole more open than its ever been before when i withdraw my hand. Its like a boy with a new toy, lol. After Shawn and I watched it back, after the session we both agreed that this should be posted. Studfist, to post a vid of a training session, or footage that was not meant to be posted, originally. But i think you will enjoy it. You will love watching his sweet lil boyhole get opened up, then by the end it is open enough to have some nice in/out action which blows his mind. You can see him slowly relaxing more and more as the session goes on, and his own amazement while wiggling, squirming and showing off his new hole. One of my favorite parts is in the end of the vid, which from the camera angle you can see his foot moving, twisting, turning, and toes curling with every fist movement. Shawn is just a good, young, piggy boy, and i'm proud of him for what he is able to do in such a short time. Look out for more of this pig boy in the future, and watch the evolution of his hole.

Enjoy Booty Camp-1st Fist


Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome PunchFistTop

Dyn0 and I are proud to announce that Handball Media has expanded. Our newest addition is very well known in the FF arena. Please help us welcome PunchFistTop, AKA the Holewrecker to our family. I have been a PFT fan for many years now, and am proud to work with him in this project. There are few fisters that seem to have the same idea that i do when playing, which is hOle wrecking. We have different styles, and techniques to get there, with the same end result in mind. Both are into hard aggressive fistplay, making a boys hole gape and hang open, and taking a boy into outer space during a session. We also have different ideas, and ways of filming videos. I think you will enjoy the differences

PunchFistTop has been in the FF scene for many years producing DVDs of his many handball adventures, now he will have his own website to display his talents, in addition. PFT's site,, will be separate from the Studfist site, but part of the Handball Media family. The set up will be very similar to what you are used to at Studfist. There are several HOT videos there now, with new material uploaded bi-weekly.

PFT videos will provide even more content for your enjoyment. Enjoy


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Folsom -SF '07

Another Folsom weekend has past (GEESH, where has the year gone?) and this one was truly a great time. The weather was perfect in SF for the fair, and wkd's events. A little hot weather to add to the "HEAT". So once again the city was overrun by horny sexy men & boys from all over the world. Folsom is always a great opportunity to meet up with old friends from all over and make some new ones as well. I Had a sexy lil houseguest visiting, which was awesome. Playing with this piggy stud pup is always a hot time. I also managed to get some hot playtime with some others as well. Several of these sessions will be posted here in the future. Including a hot session with Super Mega Pornstar Matthieu Paris. Matthieu is a total P I G, of the highest order, and i always enjoy seeing his HUGE rosebud, and gaping hole, as he pisses all over the place, HOT!!! Matt is also good friend and we have played several times, in the past. This time Matt really wanted to get it on video, and we are both very happy to showcase it here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we had making it.