Thursday, September 25, 2008

UK Holiday

On a recent vacation, I had a chance to travel to the UK. Traveling to London is always a load of fun, and 1 of my favorite cities in the world. While there, I had a chance to meet up with some very good old ffriends. I would like to give special thanks to my best mate Andycute30. Andy has become a great ffriend and hosted my trip, and was a pleasure to hangout with this cutie pig, and to ffist his bubble butt on a daily basis. It was also great to make a few knew ones as well, like Hayden1970 (Bristol’s finest) and of course Ashley Ryder…and a few others. All of these guys are studs and it was a pleasure to share some time on a great holiday.
By now you have seen some of the footage made in London, and I hope you have/will enjoy it. Some awesome sessions with some great ffistboys.

- a great sexy, sweet, nasty rubber pig (I know seldom are those words all used together) but they describe this stud perfectly. Had a great time stretching his hole to knew limits. A great playroom and a TON of gear....HOT!

Ashley Ryder – young, cute, but total ff pigboy, with a nice innocent look and a hungry little bubble butt. Was a total pleasure to finally meet this Fireball, and have several hot sessions with, and hope to have many more

timml- One of my favorite ffistboys, in the entire world. Very cute little boy, and a very good mate, likes nothing more than to HANDled and takes it like a good boy. So hot when he sticks that little ass in the air, and whines with every ffist movement.

Thx again to you all, for making my trip to London, a trip to remember.
I hope to gat back to London again in the near future, to reconnect with my ffriends.

So cum and have a go if your hole is 'ard enuff.......& God Save the Queen


Friday, August 1, 2008

Whole Lotta Hole

As I was scrolling through the blogs, i realized that i had not written a blog about a very special ffriend and ffistmate. I don't know how that is happened but it is about to corrected.
For one of my summer vacations, I decided to take a trip to Southern California for a nice wkd gettaway. A trip down South, is not complete without meeting up with the Blonde Bomber himself, MalemanSD. We arranged some time hangin out enjoying the sun and a hot wkd of play. Of course when I got down there a few other ffriends (Redffunboy, and Bttmslutt) made contact, and our session turned into a small group of pigs. What a great wkd it was.

Maleman is an awesome ffistmate. Tall sexy blonde blue eyes, and a super hungry ass. This stud can take a lot. He has taken some of my hardest punches ever, and can take super fast RPM consecutively better than anyone i have ever played with. Maleman's hole is extremely durable and greedy too! He is the 2nd of 2 studs(Breaker1 is the 1st) to take my double fist. This studs hole stretches wide and sucks in my 2nd hand, like some guys take 1 hand. His hole snaps back nicely after a good stretchin too. His hole is a true wonder for sure, and even more importantly he is a great friend. I love playing with this stud.

Enjoy Whole Lotta Hole


Thursday, May 22, 2008


This vid features my fav FFistpup, Uber pig FisthunterDK, formerly known as FistbuttomDK. The scene picks up right where FistbuttomDK returns left off, shifting the action to the gyno-chair. The action builds up harder and harder getting closer and closer to the double fist. If it weren't for that darn troublesome thumb knuckle......
The concept of all Studfist videos (this series esp) is "real & live" as if you are a fly on the wall. But during the editing of this vid even i had to chuckle at some points. I left a lot of the the chatter in, and hope you enjoy it as much as we had making it.

I recently met up with FDK in NYC, for a few days. He is an extremely cool guy that i very much enjoy spending time with, not to mention the hungriest bttm i have ever met. His hunger for a marathon session was clear from the 1st time we played, but the last session we had kicked it up a few notches. We started playing at 6:30pm, after some eXXXtremely hard play, we took a short break.... i wiped the crisco off the alarm clock, and saw that it was 2:30am. Of course like the greedy pigs we are, we played for a few more hrs (totally pnp free). As for the FFull double FF, all i can say at this point is, limits and hole were broken, tears (of joy) were shed, literally. And i couldn't be more proud of that FFIstpup:)

enjoy Spread 'Em


Monday, May 5, 2008

Thank You

I wanted to take a second and thank everyone for you patience with our recent problems with the site(s). Due to reasons out of our control, we were not able to post a few of the vids when intended. The main reason is that a few weeks ago my computer, literally blew up. I'll give everyone a moment to get all the crisco/j-lube jokes out of the way:)..........
When my computer died, it set off a chain reaction of problems, with editing on a different computer, getting content form 1 computer to the other, etc, etc. Murphy's law at its finest, whatever could go wrong did go wrong. We are still working out the bugs and getting set again, but most problems are fixed. So again, thank you all for your patience, during all this, and we hope the posted videos made it all worth the wait.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Amerifist Meets German_Fistrider

German_Fistrider and I have become very good friends over the last year, and I couldn't wait to get my fists in his ass again. When i returned to Germany i got my chance. GFr is a very sexy, hungry boy, and a lot of ffun to play with. I love slowly opening his hole up to a steady punch ffistin. He enjoys having his limits pushed and stretched wide. This boy loves very long intense sessions, and will keep going until his hole is completely trashed. PERFFECT!!!!!

GFr is also the noisiest pig i have ever met, lol. I enjoy the loud grunts, moans and screams. I understand that not everyone does, which is why I put the warning to adjust your volume on these vids. Someone actually commented in another video of us that he is "over-acting". I assure you he is NOT. I have played with this boy many times, on and off camera, and this is who he is (a noisy lil pig:) That will scream and say "STOP" in one breath, and say "MORE" in the next and repeat.

The video was recorded in the best pig stye in all of Europe.....SMapartments. As I was editing the video, i noticed some knocking on the floor/ceiling. Which must have been neighbors complaining about the noise. I did not even hear it when we were playing. One would think those neighbors would be used to loud noises, or maybe we were that much louder, lol.

enjoy Amerifist meets German_Fistrider


Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Hole Worshiper

Due to popular demand, 1 of my favorite stud bttms is back in my sling, for some hOle praising on a major level. I always enjoy playing with this studboy. In this session like most, he gets punched,and pushed to his limit, and beyond. We are always pushing his limits with both depth and width, as you can see. We both hope you enjoy the ffistastic return of Dyn0, in the Hole Worshiper.

Recently I had a real dream cum true experience. I was the lucky FF top in a session with 2 of the hungriest, and sexiest bttms boys i know. Breaker1 and i decided to meet up with Dyn0, for some hot 3 way holeplay. This was 1 of the hottest experiences i have ever had!!! As I have mentioned before that I prefer 1-1, and that still stands. In this case i know both of these studs very well, and knew that the chemistry would work just fine. In the session i thrashed both these big sloppy holes repeatedly:))) and even Breaker got his fists (that's both fists) inside Dyn0's hole. That's right, Breaker topped.....I was as shocked as anyone, lol. Dyn0 came very close to taking 1 of Breakers fists and 1 of mine as the same time. Gotta love a hungry ffistboy!

You will be seeing the VERY hot videos from this session in the near future.


Dyn0 says: You gotta love Amerifist - He knows just how to charm his fists into you :)

We hadn't hooked up in a while, competing schedules and what not so it was my pleasure to resume our great friendship. The Hole Worshiper was the first time we had gotten to play in some time and truth be told, I was somewhat frustrated with my rusty skills. When it came time to post this video, Amerifist had to leave town on business. Usually he likes to edit the videos since he has a very specific vision. In this case he didnt have the time and he literally handed it off my way on his way to the airport. I was kinda nervous but once i saw the footage I was so inspired! Watching Amerifist do what he loves to do inspired me to try to focus more on his perspective, his point of view. I have to say it came out better than I expected!

Of course I am (you too probably) really looking forward to seeing the 3 way action with Breaker1. It was a really electric evening and we all had a great time. This play session marked my second double fist ever, I look towards the day I will be able to take an Ameri-Double.

Stay tuned

Sunday, January 6, 2008

FISTbttmDK returns!

On a recent holiday in Europe, I met up with a favorite Danish ffistpup, FistbuttomDK. I have played with FDK many times before and was very excited at the thought of some hot holeplay with him again. Before the trip he told me he was sure he could take a double this time. He said he has been "practicing" and sent me a few pics, and video clips of some sessions taking both fists quite easily for extended dbl punching, in some. A few things ran through my mind at that point. (That is after i finished wanking off) If I had a nickle for every time i have heard this....... I recently met up with another boy after chatting with for a while, who was also sure he could take them both. He sent me lots of pics/videos etc, and again, I wanked off. He said he take dbl as standard and depth to the elbow. He said have yet to play with a guy that he has not takin both fists. When we played he realized that my fists and arms are not "standard" He was a bit disappointed, but now he has a new goal. On the other hand, Maleman said , during several months between our play sessions, that he had been training and was hell bent on taking it (esp after he saw Breaker1 do it 1st) Sure enough he made good on that, as you can see. Strangely enough, both Maleman, and breaker have a very similar build (so much so that in a snapshots of vids I have to look close to tell who it is, in certain positions) both tall long and lean, and wide hipbones. FDK has a very different body shape.

I don't usually have any goals and such when i play, just that we have ffun, everything else will take care of itself. So whether FDK could take them or not didn't really matter, we would have ffun trying. We arranged to play 3 separate nights, with 1 night between. we figured that by the 3rd session he would get them for sure, if not before, and the night off would let his hole recover a bit between the marathon sessions that we both love.

The 1ST video, of this very HOT series, shows the 1st evening and some opening up building up to dbl attempts (so close). The next video will be in the gyn0 chair, back to the sling, and then the gyn0 chair again. Also a bit of action on the cages, or the sofa, as well. The sessions took place in the SMapartments (see blog) an awesome playspace and we used every piece of equipment in the apartment. The play will get more and more intense in the series, with some very cute chatter between playmates. Can he do it?

Fdk was pretty quiet in the previous videos here. Maybe due to being a bit camera shy. This time he totally forget the camera was on, and is chatting away, at some points he is clearly beside himself, and I'm not even sure what he is talking about. At 1 point he calls me the long version of my middle name (which he did not call me before or after, lol) I think he is so cute, and his verbalizing is very cute also. I left a lot of it in. We both hope you like this series as much as we liked making it.

Enjoy FISTbttmDK returns