Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Studfist DVD

Very soon we will offer a DVD of the "Best of Studfist '07." This DVD will have the best and hottest footage from the years hottest videos, as well as some footage never before seen. Thank you all for your suggestions, we have listened, and we really like the idea of a once a year DVD, featuring your favorite videos. The DVD will be available soon with a projected release of early January 2008, so get your orders in now. The DVD will be 90 min of the Hardcore action you have come to expect + some extra previously never seen footage for $39.99.

Contact Dyn0@Studfist.com, or Amerifist@Studfist.com to place your orders for now.



Sunday, December 16, 2007

Room Service

This studboy and I had chatted for quite a while, before we actually met. I knew from our 1st chat that this boy would be HOT to play with, and was just what I am looking for. When I got a chance to play with him I was all over it. I felt a great connection with him right away. He is a smart, SUPER HOT, sexy 26 yr old boy with a absolutely beautiful face and body, with a small round bubble butt, and very hungry hole.

It was awesome punching and stretching this boys hole. I know few guys his age (or any age) that can take the type of intense play that he can. And when i pushed him harder to took it like a champ. In this video you can see some of these hard core punches that I dish out to this boy, and watch him loving every second of it.

I have had the honor and pleasure to play with Fisting_boy several times now, and definitely look forward to future sessions, and pushing him even more in the future.

Enjoy Room Service


Thursday, December 13, 2007


I recently took a vacation in my favorite city, Berlin. I love that city. Its just big enough, but has a nice easy going feeling about it. At the same time its gotta be the FF capital of the world, among other kinks. I contacted a few old friends there, and 1 very good ffriend, Skinforce, told me that he has 2 apartments there, and I was welcome to 1 of them for my stay. VERY COOL!!!

His apts are well equipped play and stay apts, right in the Schoneberg, area. He has two apts the RED, and the BLACK apt. Both are well equipped with slings, gyno chair, dog-cages, and some other things that I am not even sure what they are for. It is a ffisters/ees paradise, just the best pig stye you could ever want. The place has padded rubber wall, and floor for easy clean up. It also has a nice bedroom/kitchen/private bathroom, etc.

I had a lot of ffun in the place, and some of it you will see in the near future. So if you ever get to Berlin, I strongly recommend these apartments. The website is www.SMapartments.de and you can contact the owner directly to make a booking on recon www.worldfist.com/Skinforce.

Tell him you heard about his apts here.

A huge Thank you to Skinforce for allowing me to stay there when i was on Berlin.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I was recently invited to visit a new friend, Steff Alexander and spend the wkd. Steff is a great guy and i knew we would get along great, and have a nice piggy wkd. Before the trip Steff informed me that another friend would joining us in our piggy wkd. I figured a friend of Steff's is a friend to me, and said "sure". So i arrived and was picked up by Steff, and his friend.

The friend LatinoXXX, was a sexy little pocket pig, in this case a pocket bttm, standing all of 5'6, but cute as can be. i thought to myself, hmmmmmm i am usually not so successful with small ones. Little things like bone structure is usually a problem. But this boy said he had seen my work here, and thinks he can take it.

He was so cute, warming up on big toys before we started playing to get good and open. So when we started to play his hole was a bit open already. (i usually prefer to do the stretching myself.... hands on) But in this case it was fine. even though his hole was warmed up, some additional stretching was in order to get my hand in. So I slowly opened his hole up, and saw his eyes light up as he went over the hump. it was very hot watching him squirm his compact little body in the sling as i started really working his hole. At one point he began inching towards arm, while my fist was inside. I felt for his second ring, and put a small amount of pressure, and it was like a vacuum sucking my hand in. The the same with the 3rd ring until my forearm was firmly in his hole. It was truly amazing feeling the space inside this boy.

The only thing i can compare it to, is a small house, then you walk inside and it has high ceilings, and remodeled and walls removed, etc. His walls were so wide, and spacious. If i were blindfolded i would think this is an ass of a guy maybe 6'2 or 6'3. At some points I had to look around him and say WTF??? LatinoXXX took my arm as deep as anyone has yet, which is really impressive cos of his size.

It was a complete pleasure to batter his hole, and have him riding my arms. Also it was great playing with and spending time with this little pocket bttm, and of course Steff, you will reading about, and seeing more of him soon

Enjoy LatinoXXX