Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back in SF... whew!!

Hey Guys, its been a long few weeks of traveling and work for me, and I'm sorry that I have ignored the blog. But theres good news...I'm back at it.  I was away on a weeks holiday with pals in Puerto Vallarta, which was amazing...the 1st day I was freaking out that my cell didn't work, and internet was spotty at best, but by the next day I was like "my phone doesn't work, YAY!!" 1 of the best little gettaways I have had in a while. Some super hot boys on the beach and lots of fun and ffun. After returning home and detoxing from all the tequila, (for those tequila lovers, try Blue Agave and Centenella...GOOD STUFF!) I had lots of editing to catch up on, and details for the site(s), and just a few days before I was off to LA for a week of shooting for EDGER9.com. For those that don't know. EDGER9 aka E9 is our other website. Its vanilla (no FF yet) but some hot men and great hard sex nontheless. I produce and direct these videos, but may just cast myself now and again:)  Its been a lot of work getting this site back up and running, but a lot of fun. This is our 3rd and final (I hope) incarnation of this site, and by far the best stuff. Check it out
I'll attach a few pics from this weeks shooting.
Camden Christenson, Johnathin Gabriel, Jason Crew and Lex Sabre 4some

sexy power bottom Johnathin Gabriel covered in cum, and ready for more

Gianni Luca, Daniel De Longpre and Trevor Knight 3some

Daniel De Longpre takes Trevor Knight's big cock

Gianni Luca takes Trevor Knight's big cock

Rex Roddick prepares to fuck Bryce Star

Rex Roddick & Bryce Star bathed in cum
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