Saturday, April 17, 2010


This the 2nd portion of a 3- way session with Dyn0 & FisthunterDK.

After DynO had enjoyed some time getting his hole worked over, Fisthunter got the chair. I really love playing with this studpups ass. It just gets wider and wider each time I slide my paws in. By now I know his hole very well, and it knows my hands, so a good session is  about to happen.

Fisthunter crawled up in the Gyn0-chair and got strapped in, lubed up and his hole was ready to go. After stretching out Dyn0's big hole earlier, he just could not wait for his turn, and I could not wait to give him my paws. Some very nice stretching in the chair then off to the fisting bench for some good hard punching and more stretching. 

Half of the fun of playing with this pup is listening to him babble on and on about god knows what. Its very funny and a turn on to me for sure, and earned him the nick-name FistBabbleDK, lol.

Fisthunter has become quite the legend in FF circles, and definately 1 of the most most popular studs on more than that he is a very close friend, and you can expect to see more of him getting wider each time :)

enjoy Wreckage


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Berlin - Easter 2010

Its now Tuesday April 6th, and recovering from a wild crazy wkd in Berlin. The steady sounds of rollerbags being pulled down the streets fill the air, and signal the close of BLF. The city seems quite somber compared to last few days, as many make the return portion of an annual migration to wherever they came from, and Berlin becomes "normal" again, or as normal as Berlin can be.

The wkd was awesome. The events here are unlike anything I have ever experienced. Thursday was the kickoff of it all, with fist/fuck invasion at Riezbar. After playing most of the afternoon with FisthunterDK, we connected with Dyn0, and Redffunboy and went to the bar. The party was great and had a chance to also connect with some other ffriends and early arrivals in the city. Friday night was Fisthall (Laboratoty). This place rocks! Seems that everytime I go to this place for an event, there is a new section god knows just how big this building is. The set up is ffantastic, and def 1 of my fav pig styes. Saturday was the world famous Snax. This party is ENOURMOUS, with the dance floors of the Berghain, and the Laboratory open. One can do a little dancing and then playing and repeat, or all at once if you like.... Sunday was Mutschmanns (my fav leather/fetish) bar. There Putexib and I found a nice spot to play on the sofa at the entrance to the darkroom. At 1 time FisthunterDK was getting nailed by 2 fists next to me stretching Putexib's big hole.....what a nice site....
We payed there for a while then in the darkroom, til we decided the dark room was far to dark :/ So we went upstairs to the main bar and played there on the pool table for a few hrs. A very hot and nice way to cap off the hot wkd.

Of course the wkd was a chance to get some awesome videos made with some amazing pigs, some of your favs, and some new faces and asses as well. I will fill in those blanks in a later blog.

Hope everyone had a great ffun Easter holiday