Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What a month

The 1st month has been quite an experience. Going into this project, we both had ideas of what we wanted to show. I, as a ffister have a idea of how FF should be done. Not one to put my fist in a hole, and let it sit there. I want to get it in, and pull out, and survey the wreckage, then repeat. Punching is a favorite, if you cant tell. My idea of FF is pushing, to the limit, then beyond. These are some of the things that I thought was missing from some of the stuff out there currently. What you see in our vids, is REAL play session with me and some of my regular, and semi-regular playmates. This is how we play, cameras on or off. I have been blessed to have found some of the hottest, hungriest, and very capable playmates, and am happy to put that on display.

With the vids we wanted to give them to you, as they are, with as little editing to gloss them up, as possible. You can sometimes hear traffic, construction, birds chirping and other things in the backgrounds, as well as some normal unscripted chatter between playmates. Also we have had some problems with music levels, which are now taken care of. I love music when i play, and we will probably not depart from that, however it will be lower (background noise) in the future, in most cases.

Dyn0 and I both have a vision for this project, and agree, and disagree on some things, but all and all I win out, lol. Dyn0 is a great friend, and i have learned so much from him. Even though our vids have limited edit ing, through D, Ive learned software that i had no idea about.

I have met, and chatted with some amazing new people. I want to thank all of you that have sent messages of support, and criticism, as well. Thank you all for taking time to check out the site. We have a lot of BIG plans, which will be noted on the Homepage.

One of the things we are working on is hosting a FF party during Dore Alley, here in SF. We are currently looking for the right space. More details to cum on that.

- Amerifist

Monday, May 28, 2007


So for a long time Ive been a boot boy. Love the way they look, the way the look on other guys, the act of getting on the floor and cleaning them with my tongue for a hot man. Beyond that I never really gave much thought to all the other stuff - seemed complicated. In the past Ive had rubber chaps and now a rubber FIST tee - ive fallen in love with the tight fit and the smell.

Recently tho, leather has been catching my eye A LOT. Saw a bottom boy with a hot bod in some skin tight leather chaps and was so inspired! Yesterday after playing with Amerifist I got down on the floor and cleaned his leather pants for him - it was so hot - the smell, his big legs - FUCK!

Im gonna start shopping for some more gear for the upcoming street fairs in SF - any suggestions? ;)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sex and the city.

This weekend, I received a welcome surprise. One of my favorite playmates (Taurian66) was visiting SF, from San Diego. Taurian is a little ball of energy, a very active bottom, and a lot of ffun to be around. It has been a while since we had played so it was not long after we met that he was sprawled out on my bed, and begging for my hand, and arm. This hot boy was insatiable, and i was happy to leave him in a sweaty heap. Then he fell asleep in my arms exhausted. What a night!! We spent the next day enjoying the Amazing SF weather, and then this boys hole was hungry again. No better way to spend an afternoon, than a good play session. His hole was a bit wrecked for the previous night, and morning, but he gave it his all, to feed that (post play) hunger.

On Sunday, I got together with Dyn0, and Breaker1, for a few beers at beer bust at the Eagle. The whole time i was thinking.......these 2 pigs at the end of each of my arms, Damn! We enjoyed a few laughs, and soaked up the SF atmosphere. Then Breaker made a point of asking me to put my hand down the back of his pants. A little feeling around down there, a big piggy smile came across his face when i felt a large Mango that he had shoved up his hole. What a pig.

After a few beers, Dyn0 and i went back to place all horned up, and ready to play. Dyn0 was hungry this day, and opened up nicely when we started to play. His hole is accustomed to my hands, and react to them very easily. I love playing with him, too. He is not extremely vocal, but follows orders well, and takes my punches like a champ. I also like to push his limits a bit, and watch him squirm. he's a boy that needs to be pushed at times, and even held down and punched if necessary....fine by me. This session was recorded, and you can see it for your self soon

- Amerifist

Its been a busy month for us at STUDFIST. We have put a lot of thought into what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. Then came time to do the work - its been stressful but fun. We concepted the kind of videos we wanted to shoot but then we had to figure out how we would get the videos to everyone in a simple and efficient manner. Of course saying what you are gonna do and then doing it are 2 different things! Good thing we have different things to bring to this project as well as different methods of working - when one hits a wall the other tries to keep things moving and giving comments of support. We are excited and have big plans - SO WATCH OUT!

Over the weekend we kept in touch and planned on one of our soon to be infamous Sunday sessions. We actually had not planned on getting together until later in the day but then ran into each other at the gym in the Castro in the morning. Of course we talked about the different people we saw that we had seen online and chit chatted about our Saturday nights (his was way better than mine) but made plans to meet up for beers and play after. We did get some beers with one of our new players - Breaker1 - who I had actually never met. What a treat - cool guy for sure and def a hot one. As mentioned above he was packing a fucking MANGO in his ass - jeebus. We drank beers, made fruit salad jokes, and finally said goodbye to Breaker1 and headed back to the Porn Shack. My ass was READY. Check out this pic, cracks me up - Sex so HOT im DROOLING!