Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Studfist.com in the Club Inferno dungeon

We are proud to announce that Studfist.com videos will now be seen in the Club Inferno dungeon, as bonus content for current subscribers. “Our Club Inferno Dungeon members are some of our most loyal and enthusiastic fans,” proclaims Hot House President and Club Inferno creator Steven Scarborough. “We’re always looking for ways to keep them interested and satisfied. Bringing back our hardcore galleries and adding new content from Studfist.com will provide them with hours of fetish entertainment that they really can’t get anywhere else!” We are extremely excited about this new page for our website, and look forward to the future and what may come.

This all came about after being contacted by Steven Scarborough. Steven was director and producer of Plain Wrapped videos years ago, which is my favorite line of FF videos. These videos have inspired me in many ways on this website. Steven is for me (Amerifist) the idol of idols when it comes to FF videos, so I was extremely flattered to know that he enjoys Studfist.com videos, and even more so that he would want to work together.....

We plan to continue making the same hardcore gritty "real" videos that we always have. We always strive to give you unscripted, un-staged FFisting content. The idea is that you (the viewer) are a fly on the wall, watching a HOT scene unfold in front of you. We will continue to feature some incredibly insatiable bottoms and tops hard at play for your viewing pleasure. At the start of Studfist.com, this was fun for us, and still its fun for us sharing our adventures with you.

Thank you all, and stay tuned... much much more to come

Tony "Truck" Taylor aka AMERIFIST
Jack Russel aka DYN0