Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes features superstar David Novak, and Dyn0. David contacted Dyn0 and I in early spring while in SF, filming some scenes with some large studios. Unfortunately I was in Berlin at the time and could not get him in front of the camera, but we made plans for just that when he arrived in Berlin a month later for Easter. David and I talked a few times in Berlin and made some plans, and even in the hustle and bustle of Easter in Berlin, I could tell he was very serious and really wanted to make some time to play, and on cam ...even better! As I walking 1 day I walked past David, we both stopped and pointed at each other ..."You".... The 1st thing I noticed about this boy is his big blue eyes, the second thing I noticed was this is a furry little fucker! After talking with him a bit, we made some solid plans. 

David came over very horny as most are while in the Easter frenzy. He definately wanted to have his little ass worked over by my big paws, but also said he was versatile, and would love to fist some hole too...ummmm!?!   Enter Dyn0. David was very happy with the idea and was happy to give Dyn0 a hand then 2 hands, then an arm. This was a nice session to satisfy his ff top side of  this piglet and make his own hole ready for some hot action.

enjoy Blue Eyes


Monday, October 11, 2010

Have You Seen This?

I recently moved into a new apartment and decided it was high time to post a video on XTUBE.    Not that i was interested in doing something separate STUDFIST but because there are a million videos of faceless headless people riding dildos and they always left me wanting something more 

Check it out -  and enjoy

Oh and of course I am always inspired to by Amerifist to GO BIG

And GO BIG I must...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bar Backing

This video stars, 26yr old, S. Cali-boy, Chuck Deep. Chuck came up to SF to visit after a long time of chatting with me, and we finally met. He is a very cool boy as well as a major exhibitionist and loves to be watched. We did a few of the touristy things and of course all the bars in castro and Soma. While at Chaps 2 on the famed Folsom St. After a few shots 1 night he said "i've always wanted to get fisted in a bar, on the bar". I have fisted a few guys on a bar before, but in EU where the laws are a bit different, still the idea is a grand idea.......

I just so happen to know the owners of Chaps and they agreed to let us shoot there. Chuck was a happy boy, knowing he would get to be fisted on a bar ...and the 1st time hes ever been on camera as well. It's not the same as having a big crowd watching the horny action, but its the next best thing. He was a bit nervous at 1st, but for lots of guys once the action starts, they forget the camera is even on, and have at it. His case was no different, as we just played as we would normally, and at some point we turn on the camera and capture all the hotness. 

Don't let this cute young boy looks fool you, Chuck is an amazing cocksucker and LOVES having something big in his ass..... a cock, a fist, a fist and a cock. This boy just gets more and more hungry while deep throating my cock and grinding his ass on my cock...just ffantastic. There will be more to come of this stud in the future for sure

Enjoy Bar Backing