Friday, July 26, 2013

Gear or Not to Gear

Hope everyone is enjoying the Summer so far. It's a hot one here in Berlin. My flat has no A/C and the fan just blows around the hot air. Still I'm in Bln, so I can't complain. To all my SF and US buds, hope you are all ready for Up Your Alley wkd in SF.

Last night I had a great session with a regular playduddy here and after we were done, I realized there was something different about the session. There he was naked on my bed, wearing only loads of sweat and cum (mine and his). This playmate had always previously laced up his boots, slid into a rubber or leather jock, rubber shirt, singlet and or other types of gear. But not today, just a medal ball stretcher. I was also naked.

So after the session we talked a bit about it. He told me that he was not recently in the same gear phase as before. That he still enjoyed rubber and such, but it was not so necessary to play, and playing naked was just fine. This crazy heat is a good reason not to get all rubbered up anyway. I said I was in the same place as of recent. When I was packing, I didn't bring very much gear with me. Of course I have some things that I leave in Bln anyway, but they are still in the cellar for now. 

I know lots of guys that can not imagine not getting into some gear for a session, and they look great in it, but for me I guess it was never a "fetish" in the since that I need it, rather that I enjoyed it and still do. Bln has for me always been a city that has embraced Gear in a big way. From the Skins, leather, rubber, sneaker, and sports kit. Guys here even mix the gear, which I haven't seen in many places.... leather harness with soccer, and sneakers, or rubber chaps and sneakers and other combos. Many of these never really caught on the same way in the US, as far as I could tell, much less the mix and matching. 

Kinks come and go I suppose, and I may be back in my gear soon or whatever the next kinky gear thing is....