Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Take5 features Hayden1970, a sexy pup from Bristol, UK. For this hot session, we planned to have a friend of Haydens come over and film it. We had the bedroom all set up for the session with rubber sheets on the bed and lube at the ready. Hayden and I passed each other in the kitchen and started at it....the camera man ran to grab the camera to catch all the hot action. So we decided to play right there in the kitchen proving kitchen tables are not not just for meals.

Haydens hole has continually gotten bigger and harder over the yrs and that pup is hungry. He takes some awesome punched and asks for more, and well as riding hard on my arms and clenched fist.

We had not seen each other for some time and were both so worked up and horny for this session, that he never even got his cloths completely off before I had my fist inside him. Avery hot session with a very sweet sexy fistmate.