Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Studfist DVD

Very soon we will offer a DVD of the "Best of Studfist '07." This DVD will have the best and hottest footage from the years hottest videos, as well as some footage never before seen. Thank you all for your suggestions, we have listened, and we really like the idea of a once a year DVD, featuring your favorite videos. The DVD will be available soon with a projected release of early January 2008, so get your orders in now. The DVD will be 90 min of the Hardcore action you have come to expect + some extra previously never seen footage for $39.99.

Contact Dyn0@Studfist.com, or Amerifist@Studfist.com to place your orders for now.



Sunday, December 16, 2007

Room Service

This studboy and I had chatted for quite a while, before we actually met. I knew from our 1st chat that this boy would be HOT to play with, and was just what I am looking for. When I got a chance to play with him I was all over it. I felt a great connection with him right away. He is a smart, SUPER HOT, sexy 26 yr old boy with a absolutely beautiful face and body, with a small round bubble butt, and very hungry hole.

It was awesome punching and stretching this boys hole. I know few guys his age (or any age) that can take the type of intense play that he can. And when i pushed him harder to took it like a champ. In this video you can see some of these hard core punches that I dish out to this boy, and watch him loving every second of it.

I have had the honor and pleasure to play with Fisting_boy several times now, and definitely look forward to future sessions, and pushing him even more in the future.

Enjoy Room Service


Thursday, December 13, 2007


I recently took a vacation in my favorite city, Berlin. I love that city. Its just big enough, but has a nice easy going feeling about it. At the same time its gotta be the FF capital of the world, among other kinks. I contacted a few old friends there, and 1 very good ffriend, Skinforce, told me that he has 2 apartments there, and I was welcome to 1 of them for my stay. VERY COOL!!!

His apts are well equipped play and stay apts, right in the Schoneberg, area. He has two apts the RED, and the BLACK apt. Both are well equipped with slings, gyno chair, dog-cages, and some other things that I am not even sure what they are for. It is a ffisters/ees paradise, just the best pig stye you could ever want. The place has padded rubber wall, and floor for easy clean up. It also has a nice bedroom/kitchen/private bathroom, etc.

I had a lot of ffun in the place, and some of it you will see in the near future. So if you ever get to Berlin, I strongly recommend these apartments. The website is www.SMapartments.de and you can contact the owner directly to make a booking on recon www.worldfist.com/Skinforce.

Tell him you heard about his apts here.

A huge Thank you to Skinforce for allowing me to stay there when i was on Berlin.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I was recently invited to visit a new friend, Steff Alexander and spend the wkd. Steff is a great guy and i knew we would get along great, and have a nice piggy wkd. Before the trip Steff informed me that another friend would joining us in our piggy wkd. I figured a friend of Steff's is a friend to me, and said "sure". So i arrived and was picked up by Steff, and his friend.

The friend LatinoXXX, was a sexy little pocket pig, in this case a pocket bttm, standing all of 5'6, but cute as can be. i thought to myself, hmmmmmm i am usually not so successful with small ones. Little things like bone structure is usually a problem. But this boy said he had seen my work here, and thinks he can take it.

He was so cute, warming up on big toys before we started playing to get good and open. So when we started to play his hole was a bit open already. (i usually prefer to do the stretching myself.... hands on) But in this case it was fine. even though his hole was warmed up, some additional stretching was in order to get my hand in. So I slowly opened his hole up, and saw his eyes light up as he went over the hump. it was very hot watching him squirm his compact little body in the sling as i started really working his hole. At one point he began inching towards arm, while my fist was inside. I felt for his second ring, and put a small amount of pressure, and it was like a vacuum sucking my hand in. The the same with the 3rd ring until my forearm was firmly in his hole. It was truly amazing feeling the space inside this boy.

The only thing i can compare it to, is a small house, then you walk inside and it has high ceilings, and remodeled and walls removed, etc. His walls were so wide, and spacious. If i were blindfolded i would think this is an ass of a guy maybe 6'2 or 6'3. At some points I had to look around him and say WTF??? LatinoXXX took my arm as deep as anyone has yet, which is really impressive cos of his size.

It was a complete pleasure to batter his hole, and have him riding my arms. Also it was great playing with and spending time with this little pocket bttm, and of course Steff, you will reading about, and seeing more of him soon

Enjoy LatinoXXX


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Booty Camp-1st FFist

Every now and again I get messaged from guys fairly new to FF. They want to get trained, be in a video here, on xtube or just for personal use. As I explain my paws are a bit big for training in most cases. But i suppose its how hungry a boys hole is, and how bad he wants it. Although i have trained somewhat experienced boys to take more (harder punches, depth, etc), training a boy to take a hand, had no interest to me, and i didn't think i would be any good at it anyway. Recently i have scheduled a few training sessions with a few boys, which one of them calls "Booty Camp". Two of them have not taken a fist all the way before, and another that has not taken any fist larger than sm/med (on just 1 or 2 occasions) which to my hands may as well be a FF virgin. Well my playmates are making great progress, and have all 3 taken my Left fist (the Right is much bigger) after just a few sessions. I was surprised as anyone. Until these virgin FF boys, i have never been anyones 1st fist. Granted all of these boys had done their own training on Large toys, between sessions. Shawn Cohen (Twink Mega Pornstar) is one of my FF boys in training. Shawn and I have now had 3 training sessions, and i really enjoy his eager hungry attitude. The 1st 2 sessions we decided to record (not intended to post) but to record his progress, and to document his hole from point A to B. During the 3rd session he really opened up, and finally went "over the hump." It was awesome watching his very cute face, as he realized he had done it. In my playspace, I usually connect the camera to the TV, so boys can watch their holes open up. It's amazing how much some boys will push themselves when a camera is on, and even more when they can see it as it happens. Also its very cute to watch his enthusiasm as he feels my hand in his hole, and see his own hole more open than its ever been before when i withdraw my hand. Its like a boy with a new toy, lol. After Shawn and I watched it back, after the session we both agreed that this should be posted. Studfist, to post a vid of a training session, or footage that was not meant to be posted, originally. But i think you will enjoy it. You will love watching his sweet lil boyhole get opened up, then by the end it is open enough to have some nice in/out action which blows his mind. You can see him slowly relaxing more and more as the session goes on, and his own amazement while wiggling, squirming and showing off his new hole. One of my favorite parts is in the end of the vid, which from the camera angle you can see his foot moving, twisting, turning, and toes curling with every fist movement. Shawn is just a good, young, piggy boy, and i'm proud of him for what he is able to do in such a short time. Look out for more of this pig boy in the future, and watch the evolution of his hole.

Enjoy Booty Camp-1st Fist


Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome PunchFistTop

Dyn0 and I are proud to announce that Handball Media has expanded. Our newest addition is very well known in the FF arena. Please help us welcome PunchFistTop, AKA the Holewrecker to our family. I have been a PFT fan for many years now, and am proud to work with him in this project. There are few fisters that seem to have the same idea that i do when playing, which is hOle wrecking. We have different styles, and techniques to get there, with the same end result in mind. Both are into hard aggressive fistplay, making a boys hole gape and hang open, and taking a boy into outer space during a session. We also have different ideas, and ways of filming videos. I think you will enjoy the differences

PunchFistTop has been in the FF scene for many years producing DVDs of his many handball adventures, now he will have his own website to display his talents, in addition. PFT's site, Holewrecker.net, will be separate from the Studfist site, but part of the Handball Media family. The set up will be very similar to what you are used to at Studfist. There are several HOT videos there now, with new material uploaded bi-weekly.

PFT videos will provide even more content for your enjoyment. Enjoy HoleWrecker.net


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Folsom -SF '07

Another Folsom weekend has past (GEESH, where has the year gone?) and this one was truly a great time. The weather was perfect in SF for the fair, and wkd's events. A little hot weather to add to the "HEAT". So once again the city was overrun by horny sexy men & boys from all over the world. Folsom is always a great opportunity to meet up with old friends from all over and make some new ones as well. I Had a sexy lil houseguest visiting, which was awesome. Playing with this piggy stud pup is always a hot time. I also managed to get some hot playtime with some others as well. Several of these sessions will be posted here in the future. Including a hot session with Super Mega Pornstar Matthieu Paris. Matthieu is a total P I G, of the highest order, and i always enjoy seeing his HUGE rosebud, and gaping hole, as he pisses all over the place, HOT!!! Matt is also good friend and we have played several times, in the past. This time Matt really wanted to get it on video, and we are both very happy to showcase it here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we had making it.


Friday, September 7, 2007


This is my editing debut for Studfist.  Over the past few months I've had plenty to say to Amerifist about his editing and I think he got sick of me.  Puttin my money where my bitch mouth is  - right?

So on to the video...   About 10 years ago I went to Mexico to visit my ex's home town outside Guadalajara.  If you have never been to Mexico you need to go - its a beautiful place full of nice people, vibrant towns and cities, jungles, resorts, great seafood and of course hot hot hot latin guys.  During my visit I consumed massive quantities of Cazadores tequilla and was having a great time. For whatever reason my booze soaked brain latched onto the name of a chain of grocery stores called GIGANTE (giant in english). Even the look of the logo over my head looked towering as it sloped towards the sky was so amusing.  I spent the hole week saying "GIGANTE!" in my cheesy Mexican game show host voice.

Puerco is from Mexico,  he is the nicest guy, cute man boy face and when he thinks you're not looking makes sleazy suggestions and faces to his friends about you ( thats right I saw you bite your bottom lip when checkin out Amerifist's ass at Powerhouse ).   Of course he has a giant hole - deep and wide.

What was really great about editing this video was that i spent a few hours focused on Puerco and I think he is a sexy guy.  He has a great hole and clearly has a good time while Amerifist stretches him wide open.  I feel like I fisted him now!  So here is my respect Senor Puerco - good show and..



Friday, August 17, 2007

Toy Stories

I have been a fan of porn for many years. Of course FF porn has been a favorite since the 1st time i saw it. In addition to FF, some of my hottest memories are watching guys ride big toys. I sometimes have wandered why no one has made a "good" toy-play video. I love watching this so much that, some playmate send me video clips of their toy-play sessions, when we cant connect as much as we would like. I also have a really large toy collection, which some playmates enjoy riding before and sometimes after a hot fist session. So one day i decided to film some of this. After watching some of the footage, it hit me.....put it together for a video. One of the many joys of producing my own videos...........

The videos consist of some of my favorite playmates riding toys from big, to very big, to OMG. Favorite Breaker1 highlights with some of the hottest toy-play ever recorded. This boy is truly amazing, and words can not do this play session justice. You have to see it to believe it.

Co-starring with these studboys are Greg, Victor, and the enormous Super Lance, or Kingbolt, Atlas, and SUPER RAM (depending on where you buy your toys) just to name a few.

I hope you all enjoy as much as i do.


Monday, August 6, 2007


Ive been off my game recently. Lots of work and other distractions have kept me from managing my new found hole. Amerifist and I played last night for the first time in a while, and in case you weren't clear on this - he's really a hot fucker. He is also very demanding of me.

We got together after a banner week of sex - Dore Alley private play party on Saturday and Sunday of last week - almost took my first double! Tuesday and Wednesday with a giant (11x7) dicked guy I met at the Dore Alley fair which proceeded to turn to some punch fisting. Friday my regular "Mr 10 inch" fucked me and then fisted me. Saturday my buddy from Tdot, fucked me, fucked me with a dildo and his dick at the same time, and then fisted me and then Sunday with Amerifist. My hole looked big and ready to rock when I got to the Porn Shack.

After some hot dick suckin, I hoped into Amerifist's sling and within 5 minutes had him in me to the wrist and guess what... it was like none of the above had happened. His wide hands and long thick fingers were pulling my stomach out thru my ass. The punching began and WHAT THE FUCK this man is working my ass like none other, I know the neighbors can hear me groaning and crying. Let me just say - ITS A WORK OUT. My hole opened up and his hands were home, its really a great feeling feeling so full and having my ass worked open so wide. I dig my big fisted friend in my ass and got in some good punches. Although I felt like my stamina was not where it should be we decided to play with some of his HUGE toys - you know for the camera - which were actually easy to take. Until we got to the CATERPILLAR - a couple of squats on that bad boy and my ass was wiped out!

On a side note we are about to start running an ad on Recon - check this out and let us know what you think


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Puños del Amor

Late one Friday afternoon, i got a call from Jorge. He said he needed to get his hole wrecked. Jorge is a great playmate. He's a young, sweet boy, with a very hungry hole, and very cute. I love to hear his hot vocalizations when we play, and watch his cute face as i batter his hole. So of course i said "GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!"

After bit of warming up, his hole opened nicely. Its amazing how different one hole looks from another, when opened up. Some have gaping man/boy holes, some have pouty asslips, and some have pushed out rosebuds. In Jorge's case, he has the "broken zipper" hole. I LUV THEM ALL.

During the session, as usual, he was spewing a combination of cum and piss, on his belly, with every punch. This time i wanted to capture a bit of it on cam, cause i think its hot, and love punchin the piss out of a boy. Towards the end of the session, his hole started to WEAR down, so a few frozen crisco balls did the trick. I seldom use crisco in sessions anymore (j-lube rocks). But used this way can sooth a worn out hole a bit, and lubricate deep. Then watch it cum out, like some strange volcano.

Needless to say, Jorge's hole was successfully wrecked.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gas Mask

I have gotten several messages about the gas mask (poppers mask) that appears in many of the videos. I know that many of you know how they work, and have played with them before. But for those curious minds, that want to know. I'll quickly go through it.

I have 3 gas masks, the Russian, Danish and the Israeli. Most prefer the Russian. To make it a poppers mask, simply soak some cotton balls in poppers. I usually pour a bit of poppers into a small cup, and put the balls in til its absorbed. Then place the balls into the air filter, and screw it on. Or simply put the cotton ball in the canister and pour some poppers on top. I prefer to use some of my weaker poppers  (meaning i've had them for a while, not as fresh) because having the mask on, you'll get a longer, heavier dose than an average hit from your bottle. You would NOT want to pass out. Finally there's a purpose for those poppers on their last leg, lol. Many have discovered the masks for the 1st time, in my sling, and most love it.

Hopefully this answers any questions about the gas mask, if not feel free to e-mail me at Amerifist@Studfist.com


Double Wider(s)

This is a set of part 1, and 2. The vid features Breaker1, who happens to belong to the most GINOURMOUS hole i ever played with. This hot boy will always have a very special place in my heart, as the 1st (and only so far) to take both these 2 hands. Not only that but he is one of the sweetest pig i have had the pleasure to meet. His wild sense of humor, and random chatter keeps me crackin up, during our playsessions. The most editting i've ever done is in our vids (not because of the footage, but because of the constant laughter).

As most of you know, assplay can be a tricky thing, and it can sometimes have a mind of its own. Sometimes a hole seems to have no limits, and others, it can be a bit of a struggle, for no apparent reason. In Breakers case, we have an amazing connection, which in most cases, verbal instruction is not even nessasary. He knows what i want, and want him to do, just from a certain look, or physical touch. When this session started, we could bot tell pretty quickly, that his hole was on FIRE. The more i gave it, the more it wanted :-) In both vids there are so many highlights (serious punching/piston/double) but at one point, after returning from getting a drink, i discovered a mango, had somehow appeared in his hole. Breaker says "SURPRISE!" and, lay there giggling in my sling. In the video, you can see him giving it back to me, its quite amazing. Watching it as it happened, i felt my fluids oozing down my leg, WOOF!

There will be much more from this stud, in the future, Enjoy Double Wider 1 & 2


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Great Dane

As soon as i booked my trip for Berlin, i did a search through Europe, to see who was out there. One of the 1st profiles i came across was FISTbuttomDK. My 1st thought was, WOW! A very sexy look, and a talented ass,.... we gotta meet! We exchanged messages as the trip got closer, and we met up in Berlin, over the week prior to Easter.

When we finally met, there was an instant connection. As we started to play, he said to me "how long do you like to play?" I replied "love to play for hrs, and have never been out lasted." This was an obvious challenge, and laying down the gauntlet. Fro the smile, on his face, It was obvious that he accepted that challenge, and the playing began. We played for hrs and hrs, til finally his hole could go no more. I can say this was a marathon session, (1 of the longest ever for me) and this pup can really take it long and hard.

We enjoyed playing so much that we connected 5 other times during this trip, and every session was better than the previous one. This is one hot pup that helped make my trip more than worthwhile. The newly posted vid, is just a portion of the hot action that we had. Enjoy "Great Dane".

- Amerifist

Making "Dyn0 Gets Shaken"

Ok so its not secret I love San Francisco. Even though its lost some of its uniqueness over the years, it really is a gay man's Mecca so far in that there is so much here for us, and its really become very "normal". I decided to go shopping in one of the dozens of gay guy sex stores in the city. They are all pretty much the same, leather gear, videos, lube, poppers, giant and scary giant dildos. Today was jock strap shoppin day so I picked up blue, black, red, white, and camo. I seem to lose them so I have to keep buying new ones.

When ever I go to the Porn Shack to play I try to wear something different, today we were breakin in a new blue jock. I thought for sure I was going to get shit for not wearing red or black, but Amerifist saw it and goes "hey stud, like the blue jock, it looks hot on you" Always knows just what to say to me to get me to spread my cheeks.

Of course I know that I need to make my top stud happy so its important that I wear hot gear, do what i am told, take it and dont complain. The last part is the hardest... Amerifist like to push me, I know that he does it to others but I think he wants me to grow into an A-list hole so he pushes me hard. Today we got rolling and as usual I swallowed his first fist fairly soon after, but he really picked it up quickly. As soon as I was accomodating him at a certain level, he picks up the speed and the force - BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM - my head spins from the punches. I started to wear out pretty fast so we moved to the bed (and besides i like to stick my ass out for the camera so fine with me). As soon as we were settled in he started up again and I took his big fists: he punched harder, went deeper, pulled out faster - goddamn I love it! Really now, my ass was on fire, but I cant stop cause he wants to keep going and when we do stop I feel sad an want more.

So we keep going, and oh my god, I feel like im being turned inside out. Thinking ( and probably saying ) please stop, please, no more, please stop - of course with my legs in the air the whole time. I want to stop but I cant stop and he keeps pushing me harder - and then - I am just done. Thats it I am exhausted, my ass is sore. I roll away and BAM one more punch. He always has the final say.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What a month

The 1st month has been quite an experience. Going into this project, we both had ideas of what we wanted to show. I, as a ffister have a idea of how FF should be done. Not one to put my fist in a hole, and let it sit there. I want to get it in, and pull out, and survey the wreckage, then repeat. Punching is a favorite, if you cant tell. My idea of FF is pushing, to the limit, then beyond. These are some of the things that I thought was missing from some of the stuff out there currently. What you see in our vids, is REAL play session with me and some of my regular, and semi-regular playmates. This is how we play, cameras on or off. I have been blessed to have found some of the hottest, hungriest, and very capable playmates, and am happy to put that on display.

With the vids we wanted to give them to you, as they are, with as little editing to gloss them up, as possible. You can sometimes hear traffic, construction, birds chirping and other things in the backgrounds, as well as some normal unscripted chatter between playmates. Also we have had some problems with music levels, which are now taken care of. I love music when i play, and we will probably not depart from that, however it will be lower (background noise) in the future, in most cases.

Dyn0 and I both have a vision for this project, and agree, and disagree on some things, but all and all I win out, lol. Dyn0 is a great friend, and i have learned so much from him. Even though our vids have limited edit ing, through D, Ive learned software that i had no idea about.

I have met, and chatted with some amazing new people. I want to thank all of you that have sent messages of support, and criticism, as well. Thank you all for taking time to check out the site. We have a lot of BIG plans, which will be noted on the Homepage.

One of the things we are working on is hosting a FF party during Dore Alley, here in SF. We are currently looking for the right space. More details to cum on that.

- Amerifist

Monday, May 28, 2007


So for a long time Ive been a boot boy. Love the way they look, the way the look on other guys, the act of getting on the floor and cleaning them with my tongue for a hot man. Beyond that I never really gave much thought to all the other stuff - seemed complicated. In the past Ive had rubber chaps and now a rubber FIST tee - ive fallen in love with the tight fit and the smell.

Recently tho, leather has been catching my eye A LOT. Saw a bottom boy with a hot bod in some skin tight leather chaps and was so inspired! Yesterday after playing with Amerifist I got down on the floor and cleaned his leather pants for him - it was so hot - the smell, his big legs - FUCK!

Im gonna start shopping for some more gear for the upcoming street fairs in SF - any suggestions? ;)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sex and the city.

This weekend, I received a welcome surprise. One of my favorite playmates (Taurian66) was visiting SF, from San Diego. Taurian is a little ball of energy, a very active bottom, and a lot of ffun to be around. It has been a while since we had played so it was not long after we met that he was sprawled out on my bed, and begging for my hand, and arm. This hot boy was insatiable, and i was happy to leave him in a sweaty heap. Then he fell asleep in my arms exhausted. What a night!! We spent the next day enjoying the Amazing SF weather, and then this boys hole was hungry again. No better way to spend an afternoon, than a good play session. His hole was a bit wrecked for the previous night, and morning, but he gave it his all, to feed that (post play) hunger.

On Sunday, I got together with Dyn0, and Breaker1, for a few beers at beer bust at the Eagle. The whole time i was thinking.......these 2 pigs at the end of each of my arms, Damn! We enjoyed a few laughs, and soaked up the SF atmosphere. Then Breaker made a point of asking me to put my hand down the back of his pants. A little feeling around down there, a big piggy smile came across his face when i felt a large Mango that he had shoved up his hole. What a pig.

After a few beers, Dyn0 and i went back to place all horned up, and ready to play. Dyn0 was hungry this day, and opened up nicely when we started to play. His hole is accustomed to my hands, and react to them very easily. I love playing with him, too. He is not extremely vocal, but follows orders well, and takes my punches like a champ. I also like to push his limits a bit, and watch him squirm. he's a boy that needs to be pushed at times, and even held down and punched if necessary....fine by me. This session was recorded, and you can see it for your self soon

- Amerifist

Its been a busy month for us at STUDFIST. We have put a lot of thought into what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. Then came time to do the work - its been stressful but fun. We concepted the kind of videos we wanted to shoot but then we had to figure out how we would get the videos to everyone in a simple and efficient manner. Of course saying what you are gonna do and then doing it are 2 different things! Good thing we have different things to bring to this project as well as different methods of working - when one hits a wall the other tries to keep things moving and giving comments of support. We are excited and have big plans - SO WATCH OUT!

Over the weekend we kept in touch and planned on one of our soon to be infamous Sunday sessions. We actually had not planned on getting together until later in the day but then ran into each other at the gym in the Castro in the morning. Of course we talked about the different people we saw that we had seen online and chit chatted about our Saturday nights (his was way better than mine) but made plans to meet up for beers and play after. We did get some beers with one of our new players - Breaker1 - who I had actually never met. What a treat - cool guy for sure and def a hot one. As mentioned above he was packing a fucking MANGO in his ass - jeebus. We drank beers, made fruit salad jokes, and finally said goodbye to Breaker1 and headed back to the Porn Shack. My ass was READY. Check out this pic, cracks me up - Sex so HOT im DROOLING!