Friday, September 7, 2007


This is my editing debut for Studfist.  Over the past few months I've had plenty to say to Amerifist about his editing and I think he got sick of me.  Puttin my money where my bitch mouth is  - right?

So on to the video...   About 10 years ago I went to Mexico to visit my ex's home town outside Guadalajara.  If you have never been to Mexico you need to go - its a beautiful place full of nice people, vibrant towns and cities, jungles, resorts, great seafood and of course hot hot hot latin guys.  During my visit I consumed massive quantities of Cazadores tequilla and was having a great time. For whatever reason my booze soaked brain latched onto the name of a chain of grocery stores called GIGANTE (giant in english). Even the look of the logo over my head looked towering as it sloped towards the sky was so amusing.  I spent the hole week saying "GIGANTE!" in my cheesy Mexican game show host voice.

Puerco is from Mexico,  he is the nicest guy, cute man boy face and when he thinks you're not looking makes sleazy suggestions and faces to his friends about you ( thats right I saw you bite your bottom lip when checkin out Amerifist's ass at Powerhouse ).   Of course he has a giant hole - deep and wide.

What was really great about editing this video was that i spent a few hours focused on Puerco and I think he is a sexy guy.  He has a great hole and clearly has a good time while Amerifist stretches him wide open.  I feel like I fisted him now!  So here is my respect Senor Puerco - good show and..