Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gas Mask

I have gotten several messages about the gas mask (poppers mask) that appears in many of the videos. I know that many of you know how they work, and have played with them before. But for those curious minds, that want to know. I'll quickly go through it.

I have 3 gas masks, the Russian, Danish and the Israeli. Most prefer the Russian. To make it a poppers mask, simply soak some cotton balls in poppers. I usually pour a bit of poppers into a small cup, and put the balls in til its absorbed. Then place the balls into the air filter, and screw it on. Or simply put the cotton ball in the canister and pour some poppers on top. I prefer to use some of my weaker poppers  (meaning i've had them for a while, not as fresh) because having the mask on, you'll get a longer, heavier dose than an average hit from your bottle. You would NOT want to pass out. Finally there's a purpose for those poppers on their last leg, lol. Many have discovered the masks for the 1st time, in my sling, and most love it.

Hopefully this answers any questions about the gas mask, if not feel free to e-mail me at


Double Wider(s)

This is a set of part 1, and 2. The vid features Breaker1, who happens to belong to the most GINOURMOUS hole i ever played with. This hot boy will always have a very special place in my heart, as the 1st (and only so far) to take both these 2 hands. Not only that but he is one of the sweetest pig i have had the pleasure to meet. His wild sense of humor, and random chatter keeps me crackin up, during our playsessions. The most editting i've ever done is in our vids (not because of the footage, but because of the constant laughter).

As most of you know, assplay can be a tricky thing, and it can sometimes have a mind of its own. Sometimes a hole seems to have no limits, and others, it can be a bit of a struggle, for no apparent reason. In Breakers case, we have an amazing connection, which in most cases, verbal instruction is not even nessasary. He knows what i want, and want him to do, just from a certain look, or physical touch. When this session started, we could bot tell pretty quickly, that his hole was on FIRE. The more i gave it, the more it wanted :-) In both vids there are so many highlights (serious punching/piston/double) but at one point, after returning from getting a drink, i discovered a mango, had somehow appeared in his hole. Breaker says "SURPRISE!" and, lay there giggling in my sling. In the video, you can see him giving it back to me, its quite amazing. Watching it as it happened, i felt my fluids oozing down my leg, WOOF!

There will be much more from this stud, in the future, Enjoy Double Wider 1 & 2


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Great Dane

As soon as i booked my trip for Berlin, i did a search through Europe, to see who was out there. One of the 1st profiles i came across was FISTbuttomDK. My 1st thought was, WOW! A very sexy look, and a talented ass,.... we gotta meet! We exchanged messages as the trip got closer, and we met up in Berlin, over the week prior to Easter.

When we finally met, there was an instant connection. As we started to play, he said to me "how long do you like to play?" I replied "love to play for hrs, and have never been out lasted." This was an obvious challenge, and laying down the gauntlet. Fro the smile, on his face, It was obvious that he accepted that challenge, and the playing began. We played for hrs and hrs, til finally his hole could go no more. I can say this was a marathon session, (1 of the longest ever for me) and this pup can really take it long and hard.

We enjoyed playing so much that we connected 5 other times during this trip, and every session was better than the previous one. This is one hot pup that helped make my trip more than worthwhile. The newly posted vid, is just a portion of the hot action that we had. Enjoy "Great Dane".

- Amerifist

Making "Dyn0 Gets Shaken"

Ok so its not secret I love San Francisco. Even though its lost some of its uniqueness over the years, it really is a gay man's Mecca so far in that there is so much here for us, and its really become very "normal". I decided to go shopping in one of the dozens of gay guy sex stores in the city. They are all pretty much the same, leather gear, videos, lube, poppers, giant and scary giant dildos. Today was jock strap shoppin day so I picked up blue, black, red, white, and camo. I seem to lose them so I have to keep buying new ones.

When ever I go to the Porn Shack to play I try to wear something different, today we were breakin in a new blue jock. I thought for sure I was going to get shit for not wearing red or black, but Amerifist saw it and goes "hey stud, like the blue jock, it looks hot on you" Always knows just what to say to me to get me to spread my cheeks.

Of course I know that I need to make my top stud happy so its important that I wear hot gear, do what i am told, take it and dont complain. The last part is the hardest... Amerifist like to push me, I know that he does it to others but I think he wants me to grow into an A-list hole so he pushes me hard. Today we got rolling and as usual I swallowed his first fist fairly soon after, but he really picked it up quickly. As soon as I was accomodating him at a certain level, he picks up the speed and the force - BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM - my head spins from the punches. I started to wear out pretty fast so we moved to the bed (and besides i like to stick my ass out for the camera so fine with me). As soon as we were settled in he started up again and I took his big fists: he punched harder, went deeper, pulled out faster - goddamn I love it! Really now, my ass was on fire, but I cant stop cause he wants to keep going and when we do stop I feel sad an want more.

So we keep going, and oh my god, I feel like im being turned inside out. Thinking ( and probably saying ) please stop, please, no more, please stop - of course with my legs in the air the whole time. I want to stop but I cant stop and he keeps pushing me harder - and then - I am just done. Thats it I am exhausted, my ass is sore. I roll away and BAM one more punch. He always has the final say.