Friday, December 16, 2011

A Big Way

A Big Way, features super hungry and super sexy Horniestguy. This horny piglet and I had tried several times when I traveled to the UK, but could not manage to coordinate our playtime. Finally we did, and it was definitely worth the wait.
This little hungry stud is phenomenally talented, with amazing depth and width. I slid my arm in his velvety hole nearly to my elbow (only 1 person has my elbow) but this piglet got nearly there swallowing the chain on my forearm, and gripped my arm with his hole as to not give it back....

He then took both my fists like a champ. I have met many depth pigs that can take my arm deep, and several that can take my dbl fist, but very few that can take my arm nearly to the elbow, and my 2 big fists. I was a truly ffantastic session with this stud, and I can't wait to hop the pond and slide inside him again

enjoy A Big Way