Friday, August 17, 2007

Toy Stories

I have been a fan of porn for many years. Of course FF porn has been a favorite since the 1st time i saw it. In addition to FF, some of my hottest memories are watching guys ride big toys. I sometimes have wandered why no one has made a "good" toy-play video. I love watching this so much that, some playmate send me video clips of their toy-play sessions, when we cant connect as much as we would like. I also have a really large toy collection, which some playmates enjoy riding before and sometimes after a hot fist session. So one day i decided to film some of this. After watching some of the footage, it hit me.....put it together for a video. One of the many joys of producing my own videos...........

The videos consist of some of my favorite playmates riding toys from big, to very big, to OMG. Favorite Breaker1 highlights with some of the hottest toy-play ever recorded. This boy is truly amazing, and words can not do this play session justice. You have to see it to believe it.

Co-starring with these studboys are Greg, Victor, and the enormous Super Lance, or Kingbolt, Atlas, and SUPER RAM (depending on where you buy your toys) just to name a few.

I hope you all enjoy as much as i do.


Monday, August 6, 2007


Ive been off my game recently. Lots of work and other distractions have kept me from managing my new found hole. Amerifist and I played last night for the first time in a while, and in case you weren't clear on this - he's really a hot fucker. He is also very demanding of me.

We got together after a banner week of sex - Dore Alley private play party on Saturday and Sunday of last week - almost took my first double! Tuesday and Wednesday with a giant (11x7) dicked guy I met at the Dore Alley fair which proceeded to turn to some punch fisting. Friday my regular "Mr 10 inch" fucked me and then fisted me. Saturday my buddy from Tdot, fucked me, fucked me with a dildo and his dick at the same time, and then fisted me and then Sunday with Amerifist. My hole looked big and ready to rock when I got to the Porn Shack.

After some hot dick suckin, I hoped into Amerifist's sling and within 5 minutes had him in me to the wrist and guess what... it was like none of the above had happened. His wide hands and long thick fingers were pulling my stomach out thru my ass. The punching began and WHAT THE FUCK this man is working my ass like none other, I know the neighbors can hear me groaning and crying. Let me just say - ITS A WORK OUT. My hole opened up and his hands were home, its really a great feeling feeling so full and having my ass worked open so wide. I dig my big fisted friend in my ass and got in some good punches. Although I felt like my stamina was not where it should be we decided to play with some of his HUGE toys - you know for the camera - which were actually easy to take. Until we got to the CATERPILLAR - a couple of squats on that bad boy and my ass was wiped out!

On a side note we are about to start running an ad on Recon - check this out and let us know what you think


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Puños del Amor

Late one Friday afternoon, i got a call from Jorge. He said he needed to get his hole wrecked. Jorge is a great playmate. He's a young, sweet boy, with a very hungry hole, and very cute. I love to hear his hot vocalizations when we play, and watch his cute face as i batter his hole. So of course i said "GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!"

After bit of warming up, his hole opened nicely. Its amazing how different one hole looks from another, when opened up. Some have gaping man/boy holes, some have pouty asslips, and some have pushed out rosebuds. In Jorge's case, he has the "broken zipper" hole. I LUV THEM ALL.

During the session, as usual, he was spewing a combination of cum and piss, on his belly, with every punch. This time i wanted to capture a bit of it on cam, cause i think its hot, and love punchin the piss out of a boy. Towards the end of the session, his hole started to WEAR down, so a few frozen crisco balls did the trick. I seldom use crisco in sessions anymore (j-lube rocks). But used this way can sooth a worn out hole a bit, and lubricate deep. Then watch it cum out, like some strange volcano.

Needless to say, Jorge's hole was successfully wrecked.