Friday, August 1, 2008

Whole Lotta Hole

As I was scrolling through the blogs, i realized that i had not written a blog about a very special ffriend and ffistmate. I don't know how that is happened but it is about to corrected.
For one of my summer vacations, I decided to take a trip to Southern California for a nice wkd gettaway. A trip down South, is not complete without meeting up with the Blonde Bomber himself, MalemanSD. We arranged some time hangin out enjoying the sun and a hot wkd of play. Of course when I got down there a few other ffriends (Redffunboy, and Bttmslutt) made contact, and our session turned into a small group of pigs. What a great wkd it was.

Maleman is an awesome ffistmate. Tall sexy blonde blue eyes, and a super hungry ass. This stud can take a lot. He has taken some of my hardest punches ever, and can take super fast RPM consecutively better than anyone i have ever played with. Maleman's hole is extremely durable and greedy too! He is the 2nd of 2 studs(Breaker1 is the 1st) to take my double fist. This studs hole stretches wide and sucks in my 2nd hand, like some guys take 1 hand. His hole snaps back nicely after a good stretchin too. His hole is a true wonder for sure, and even more importantly he is a great friend. I love playing with this stud.

Enjoy Whole Lotta Hole