Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And we are back...

I know you probably missed me, but sometimes things are just so hectic that the Studfist Blog is the last thing I am thinking of - for this oversight, I apologize. 

So far 2011 has been pretty busy for us.  As you may have read in the past,  we also produce a website called Edger9.com with our friend Race Cooper.  The site went on hiatus last year, but that little fact didn't keep us off the nominations list for The Cybersocket Awards - second year in a row!  We decided to go to Los Angeles for the awards show, Amerifist and I climbed in my little 2 seater and hit the road!

The award did not come our way (sad)  but the hostesses of the show, Chicho's Angels made up for it.  If you havn't seen these hot bitches, you should -  we couldn't stop laughing whenever they came onto stage.

We had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones (grrrrr), driving around the west end with the roof down, shopping at 665 and the Beverly Center, checking out the mansions in Beverly Hills, drinking and eating in WeHo.  Special props to International House Of Pancakes and Golds Gym, both off Santa Monica Boulevard - both genuinely entertaining and delicious. 

We also recently signed up with Raging Stallion Studios to provide their site Fisting Central  with content as well as produce a few "best of" DVDs from archives of both Studfist Wrecked! (coming soon)  and Edger9: Race To The Edge (now available). Now you can take us with you and have a sexy case to carry us in.  Check the Raging Stallion Store...

That brings me to today...  Its a busy week for us, we have a couple of hot, very talented bottoms in town.  One, named  Ben Reyes met up with us today to go on a fisting road trip, he's a little tiny sexy boy!  We all piled into our cars and took ourselves to visit our friend Len who has a gorgeous home and  - as any self respecting gay guy does - a fully stocked PIG PLAYROOM.

Len is in regular contact with us, providing us with feedback, ego strokes, and repeated offers to host a shoot in his playroom - ummmmmm OK!    Here is a quick shot of Amerifist checking out the equipment before we fire up the cameras...
Ben was a great!  He was eager and ready to hop into the sling and onto Amerifist's hammers.  He was on his back, his stomach, rolled up on his shoulders, rolled up onto his neck, legs together, legs spread - nothing slowed Amerifist down  - today's session was a some kind of hole stretching frenzy.  I was mesmerized by what was coming through the view screen on the camera,  Len was ecstatic and clearly had a great time - he is now our  "Honorary Grip

In the end Ben got his ass pummeled into sloppy gape, just like he wanted.  As a fellow bottom I could see in his face his head was no where near done, but his ass had gone the distance...  a long long long long long long distance.  OINK!

More soon - Dyn0