Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dyn0 meets FistHunter

On a recent trip to Berlin, I was accompanied on part of it by my buddy and other (workin) half, Dyn0. It was his 1st time visiting the place I call my 2nd home, and was nice showing the city a bit and introducing him to some of my friends and ffriends there. FisthunterDK was going to be in town for a wkd as well during this time, and I just knew that the two of them would hit it off well, and sure enough they did.

On 1 evening, we decided to have a little 3 way meeting, and the chrome apt just happen to be free.....
As you all know Fisthunter has a ginormous hole, and so does Dyn0, so I just knew I'ld have the 2 of them on each om wrists at some point in the evening :) Fisthunter can also fist a hole as well as he can take it, and he demonstarted that on a more than willing Dyn0-ass. 

Fisthunter worked open Dyn0's hole, with punching and stretching, then some hot double ffisting, in the gyno-chair, then over to the fistbench, where my hands took on a life of their own and joined Fisthunter's hand inside Dyn0's hole, for a really big stretch. We cap things off with the two of them ass up on the sofa to take some hard punches. An awesome meeting of 2 of my best friends and a very hot session......and theres more :)
Enjoy Dyn0 meets FistHunter


Monday, March 22, 2010

Coming to you LIVE from Berlin

Dyn0 here.  Been in Berlin a week now and I love this city a little more every day.

Last November I came into town to meet up with Amerifist and see what the scene was all about and maybe make some video.  Mission Accomplished.

Since that last visit we have been working hard to improve all of our production routines, processes and upgrade our equipment.  Some of these changes are in production now, and we have purchased  and started recording using our new cameras and lights.  All in an effort to improve the quality of our videos while never straying from our goal:   TO PRODUCE THE BEST AMATEUR FISTING PORN

So now that we have made all of our production improvements its time to make some videos!

This past weekend we had a new friend join us from Johannesburg, SA : PunchPig4Service AKA PunchPig.  He was SO much fun to work with  - a true pig with his own style and nasty attitude.  What was really great about working with him was that he was so enthusiastic about Studfist.com.  He also was very adventurous and joined us on GUERILLA recording rampage as the 3 of us smuggled  our gear into a couple of Berlin sex clubs and secretly made some AWESOME fist vids.    Couldn't have asked for more from him - CHEERS DUDE.

PunchPig left for his next stop on his travels which leaves us to putter around Berlin looking for our next filming opportunity.  Today we had brunch, checked out shoes and rubber gear at a store called GEAR, took naps, went to the gym,
and went to dinner.  All good stuff.

Hollywood Kiss To Berlin & 
Wish you were here -

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trial Membership

Now for a limited time only we are giving an additional subscription offer. The new offer is 48hr trial membership. This is only good for a limited time only, so its a very good time for you to come in and check us out. Enjoy


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


After several days of pain and sleepless nights, I finally hauled my ass to the dentist. The pain was becoming unbearable, and I would wake in the middle of the night and run for the Ibuprophen....and anyone who has taken that knows it takes what seems like forever to kick when you're in pain. So my buddy Phillip recommended a dentist, close to my flat. Seems this dentist has been seen prowling around the Lab (Fausthouse) before, so how appropriate that he would be working on my mouth, haha.

So after poking around in my mouth for a while, he says "you have a small cavity in #47 (back tooth) , and needs a filling". WASSSSSAHHH???  A cavity?!?!? Oh well, lets just fix it, so I can get some sleep. Also I have a trip to London planned next week, so whatever needs to done, lets do it, sos I can be well recovered by then. The day of the filling, I walked in and was waiting about a half an hour....just enough time to hear lots of high pitched drills, and to see other folks walking out holding their cheeks, etc. By now I was starting to freak a bit. As I said before, I have never had any major dental work, no cavities, no fillings, etc. Other than getting my wisdoms pulled (was out cold for that) and a partial filling for a chip due to sports, but thats it.

I went in, and he started to prep his tools, all I was wanting to see in front of me was the anastesia. Once  had that, I was golden. Again lots of poking around with various tolls, then he stopped, turned off the blinding light, and explained " the cavity is deeper than he had thought, and the tooth has to be removed" OY VAY!!!!!! We wasted no time, the next morning (yesterday) I had it yanked out, and even with some pain from that its still less than before,,,, and I got some killer meds :)

So now this truly feels like home. Have experienced great highs and this low here in Bln. Now I'm in bed recovering, with 1 less tooth.....guess its better to have lose 1 in back than 1 in the front, eh?

take care of your teeth