Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good Times

Its been a difficult summer for a lot of people, times are tough and things are uncertain. I for one see opportunity in the financial disruptions that have hit most of the globe. We have the chance to stop, take a breath, and work hard to think about and build whats next.

Amerifist and I have continued to work closely on this project as well as working with our friend Race Cooper on a new site called I like to think of it as "Conceptual Porn" and its been a blast so far.

Of course making fuck videos is also work, but Amerifist and I love the art of it all as well as all the great guys we get to meet - truly rewarding. I for one have met some really great men and had some ASS STRETCHING, HOLE WRECKING good times! Meeting up-and-comer James Aaron (aka MonkeymanPS) was a treat - my boyfriend loves his baseball bat vid on Xtube - and we were able to work with the giant of a man Joey Jordan again. Both very nice guys for sure.

Joey Jordan is always fun to work with, he has had an interesting life and travels quite a bit so there are always things to chat about between his giant fists going into my ass. Of course its no secret that I love big hands - he was ready to satisfy both our fisting needs. He looked great as usual and his body hair was fully intact this time - very sexy! Once Amerifist had all the cams and lights ready we went right to work:

  • smear of crisco - check
  • squirt of j-lube - check
  • hit of poppers - check
commence fisting!

Joey's big hands and thick muscular arms went right to work taking me wide and deep, stretching my hole to its limits! I felt so full and worked out that I forgot about the camera. From time to time I would tune back in and realize that Amerifist was right next to me with the camera and of course I had to look to see what he was doing - so there are a few shots in the raw footage of me looking into the camera = WHOOPS. We also had some technical problems on the shoot and Joey was so great about it and even he offered to do some additional work with us on a second day. Awesome.

At the end of the week we met with Joey again at the Porn Shack for the second shoot. Joey and I played with our collection of huge toys and butt plugs as an appetizer, stretching my hole to a big 'ol GAPE. One plug is very large and really widened my hole - SO HOT. We got greasy and down to work gettin all hot and sweaty. It was really fun.

So this is the best job ever! Thanks to every contributor and supporter of our work -
Hugs from Dyn0.