Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Studfist.com in the Club Inferno dungeon

We are proud to announce that Studfist.com videos will now be seen in the Club Inferno dungeon, as bonus content for current subscribers. “Our Club Inferno Dungeon members are some of our most loyal and enthusiastic fans,” proclaims Hot House President and Club Inferno creator Steven Scarborough. “We’re always looking for ways to keep them interested and satisfied. Bringing back our hardcore galleries and adding new content from Studfist.com will provide them with hours of fetish entertainment that they really can’t get anywhere else!” We are extremely excited about this new page for our website, and look forward to the future and what may come.

This all came about after being contacted by Steven Scarborough. Steven was director and producer of Plain Wrapped videos years ago, which is my favorite line of FF videos. These videos have inspired me in many ways on this website. Steven is for me (Amerifist) the idol of idols when it comes to FF videos, so I was extremely flattered to know that he enjoys Studfist.com videos, and even more so that he would want to work together.....

We plan to continue making the same hardcore gritty "real" videos that we always have. We always strive to give you unscripted, un-staged FFisting content. The idea is that you (the viewer) are a fly on the wall, watching a HOT scene unfold in front of you. We will continue to feature some incredibly insatiable bottoms and tops hard at play for your viewing pleasure. At the start of Studfist.com, this was fun for us, and still its fun for us sharing our adventures with you.

Thank you all, and stay tuned... much much more to come

Tony "Truck" Taylor aka AMERIFIST
Jack Russel aka DYN0

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Earlier this year I got to revisit 1 of the my favorite cities in the world, Paris. What a cool city, the weather was beautiful, great for seeing the sites, walking around or renting those bikes the city provides for rental. Of course I also met some good friends there that showed me cool parts of the city. Big thx to FFboxing for being a great tour guide, and to his wonderFFul ass too :)

1 sexy stud I had chatted with for some time and planned to meet was Putexib. From our many chats it seemed we would definitely have a great time. I arrived by train from London, contacted him to let him know I arrived and to set up our connection. There was confusion on dates etc, and it appeared we would not be able to meet :( We both decided we couldn't let this opportunity to meet pass us by, and he decided he would come to Paris. He found a cheap last minute ticket, and was on his way :)

As scheduled, this very very cute stud arrived.... on time and everything. We met at my hotel room. I immediately noticed his big smile, long lean sexy body, and even cuter than I had thought before. He came in and made himself comfortable, and its then I realized that this boy speaks very little English....hmmm. Our chats were so fluid, I had no idea. So i started thinking back to my grade 10 french 1 class, and the few French words I can speak (badly) but stopped when my brain started to ache. Apparently he had a great translator on his computer... Putexib was standing there with a very shy look, trying to tell me something, but not finding the words in English.... so I came over, and he took my hand, put it to his chest, and his heart was racing.... so either he ran all the way from the train station, or he was a bit nervous. A nice big hug seemed to relax him..... from that point on we were perfectly in sinq even with a language barrier, the universal language took over.

Our session was absolutely amazing. His beautiful tattooed hole was a pleasure to play with and slowly open wide. This boy loves to get it punched out hard. During this session I threw some of the hardest punches ever, and that hole just begged for more, and more I gave. We played for several ours in my hotel room, with the sounds of Paris in the background (police sirens, etc). Several times both my fists nearly slipped into his sloppy hole..... taking them both became his mission at that point. After a few hrs of playing there we decided to go to 1 of the local bars with a sling and stuFF.... it was early in the afternoon, and we nearly had the whole place all to ourselves. It was during this part of the session in the sling that my 2nd fist slid securely into his pretty hole. As knuckles of my 2nd hand stretched him open, a nod (yes) from him, and a big hit of poppers, I felt his ass-ring open up swallow my hands, and grip both my wrists, making him only the 6th stud to open up for that. And again there was that big smile. "I'm happy" in a French accent echoed around the play area. Unfortunately we could not film this portion of our session :(

Putexib is an awesome talent esp for such a young age. He is also a very sweet boy, and super sexy. Even with not speaking the same language we managed to have a very connected session that lasted most of the day. Look out for much more of this stud



Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good Times

Its been a difficult summer for a lot of people, times are tough and things are uncertain. I for one see opportunity in the financial disruptions that have hit most of the globe. We have the chance to stop, take a breath, and work hard to think about and build whats next.

Amerifist and I have continued to work closely on this project as well as working with our friend Race Cooper on a new site called Edger9.com. I like to think of it as "Conceptual Porn" and its been a blast so far.

Of course making fuck videos is also work, but Amerifist and I love the art of it all as well as all the great guys we get to meet - truly rewarding. I for one have met some really great men and had some ASS STRETCHING, HOLE WRECKING good times! Meeting up-and-comer James Aaron (aka MonkeymanPS) was a treat - my boyfriend loves his baseball bat vid on Xtube - and we were able to work with the giant of a man Joey Jordan again. Both very nice guys for sure.

Joey Jordan is always fun to work with, he has had an interesting life and travels quite a bit so there are always things to chat about between his giant fists going into my ass. Of course its no secret that I love big hands - he was ready to satisfy both our fisting needs. He looked great as usual and his body hair was fully intact this time - very sexy! Once Amerifist had all the cams and lights ready we went right to work:

  • smear of crisco - check
  • squirt of j-lube - check
  • hit of poppers - check
commence fisting!

Joey's big hands and thick muscular arms went right to work taking me wide and deep, stretching my hole to its limits! I felt so full and worked out that I forgot about the camera. From time to time I would tune back in and realize that Amerifist was right next to me with the camera and of course I had to look to see what he was doing - so there are a few shots in the raw footage of me looking into the camera = WHOOPS. We also had some technical problems on the shoot and Joey was so great about it and even he offered to do some additional work with us on a second day. Awesome.

At the end of the week we met with Joey again at the Porn Shack for the second shoot. Joey and I played with our collection of huge toys and butt plugs as an appetizer, stretching my hole to a big 'ol GAPE. One plug is very large and really widened my hole - SO HOT. We got greasy and down to work gettin all hot and sweaty. It was really fun.

So this is the best job ever! Thanks to every contributor and supporter of our work -
Hugs from Dyn0.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

In loving memory of FistScorpio (1982-2009)

Writing this may well be the hardest thing i have done in some time. I have tried to write this several times now and could not get through it. Most of the tears have stopped now, and I must say goodbye to a good friend. Earlier this week i got very sad news that Fabian aka FistScorpio82hh, passed away at the young age of 26. A very very tragic, sudden loss of a very sweet person and good friend, whom will be missed terribly.
When i was told of Fab's passing, i was completely shocked. Even though it was the middle of the night in Europe, I called him, hoping to hear a just woken, pissed off voice on the line....
I was actually getting ready to write a blog about my trip to Berlin, which would have included much about him, the videos we made, etc. I decided to write that blog excluding him, cos i wanted to write a separate one as a tribute to my friend after i gathered my thoughts, and myself a bit.

Fab and I met several years ago. We chatted a lots online, and when i was going to Berlin, he hopped on a train from Hamburg to meet me there for a few days. We hit it off right away, and became fast friends. We stayed in touch, and all the times after that when i would come to Bln we would connect. Fab was an stunningly beautiful, sexy, and super sweet, with a quiet sincerity about him. The sex with him was absolutely ffantastic from the start, but we also discovered a very nice connected friendship. Fab was also very smart and had extremely quick wit, always able to make me laugh, or draw me into a conversation about this or that. We seem to have the strangest conversations, whether during breaks or at the perverts party, where with all the sex and debauchery around us, we had a in depth conversation about the good and bad of Apple, and politics. Fab was truly one of a kind.

I have chatted with many people in the past few days.... some that knew him personally and some did not, and some have speculated about what may have caused this tragedy. The truth is he died of a brain clot, and died instantly, and without any pain. Just makes you think life is short, and another day is not promised so enjoy it while you can, and enjoy the ones you care for.
Fab was for me that friend that you may not see everyday or even that often, but when you do you make the most of it, and you look forward to the next time. You and he make sure there is a next time. Its nice to know that person is there for you, and you always imagine they will be. His life was cut far to short, but i am thankful and proud to have known him for a time.

Farewell Fabian...I will miss you so much


Berlin '09

Berlin Germany is one of my favorite places in the world, for many reasons. The city is absolutely amazing, and i feel very comfortable there, not to mention the good friends i have made there and close by. I like it so much that Bln has literally become my 2nd home. While there in Feb, i purchased a flat, right in the Schöneberg (gay area of the former W. Berlin). The flat will serve as a place for me to stay & play when i visit, but will serve as the 4th SMapartment ( SMapartments.de ) the rest of the year. This flat is called the Chrome apartment. The apartment will be managed by my good freind Phillip - skinforce on recon, fforceful on G'romeo. Phillip also runs the Red apt. These 2 apts have a variety of play equipment, for FF/BD/SM and other kinks, but they are the most FF focused of all the apts. A big part of the trip was getting the flat all set up and finished, and ready for play. When I arrived the builders were finishing up the flat, and the days after finishing touches were done by me and Phillip. the flat features a full kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/and playroom, and should be available, in a couple of weeks if not sooner.

NOTE: The Chrome apt is the chrome apt in name only. So dont expect a chrome sofa, chrome bed, chrome walls, just as the red apt is not all red, or the black all black.

Getting the flat wrapped up was a lot of work, but the trip was not all work. I also experienced my 1st CSD/pride in Berlin, and met some old friends and some new ones for lots of fun and ffun. After a night of dancein and hangin out with my friends Runchyffpig, Irreversible, Mario1975 & his sexy bf Assman at the Berghain (my fav disco tech), we decided to have our own lil party at Raunchy's place. The session lasted well into the day hrs, and was a blast. Raunchy, and Mario are 2 of the loudest pigs i have ever met...until a few weeks later...more on that in a sec. Needless to say a very nice welcome back to Bln :) I was also able to reconnect with a fav fistmate (FisthunterDK). I always enjoy seeing and hanging out with, not to mention the play is ALWAYS amazing, but with him our relationship is so much more than that now. Also a friend Andreas70 decided to help me break in the new fist bench in the chrome apt. Andreas is a very cool low key guy, but fuck is he loud when playing. I never heard such a loud pig....he makes Mario and Raunchy seem quiet. Not only was the bench tested but my floor was covered in piss, more piss than i have ever even thought 1 person could have in his body at once. Andreas also has a very nice hole, that can take a lot of hardcore play, with 1 of the biggest prolapsed rosebuds ever. After the session, and cleaning the mess, the doorbell rang...strange at 2:45am huh? and who knows me there? You guessed it, it was the police, with 2 very angry looking neighbors standing in the doorway. He just smiled and said "keep the noise down please, others are trying to sleep, work school night...yada yada". He was very nice, and had a look on his face like damn you guys must have been having fun.... :) we were all done then anyway. Just so you all know the flat is soundproofed, so that's how loud this pig was.

Big thanks to all my friends, and the newly met ones in Europe, was great to catch up and enjoy some time in my new home.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feed Me

While on holiday in London, i got in contact with a good mate in Bristol, Hayden1970. Hayden and i met on a previous trip to the UK, and had a great and very hot session. Between the trip we stayed in contact and aimed for a future session during my next visit. Hayden assured me that he had been working very hard on his hole, and was ready for some serious punching, and hole stretching. mmmmm! So we planned a meeting, and i hopped the train to Bristol. Hayden is not only a very sexy fistpup, but is also a great host, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in Bristol. Then it was time for some real ffun.....

From the start of the session i could definitely tell that he was not exxxagerating about his hole training. His hole opened up nicely for my fist, and with a big hit of poppers, and a deep breath he forced his ass onto my hand. Was awesome seeing such a sexy bubble butt wrapped around my wrist. After a nice warm up and stretching, it was time to test the punchability of this ass. Nice slow in/out action, then with a clenched fist working up to some serious punching, that actually made him have to hold on to and grip the bed to not get moved forward on it. I really enjoyed i really enjoyed punching this hole and looking into the eyes of this sweet pup as i did it. I plan to get to the UK again in the near future, so expect more from this studpup

Enjoy Feed Me


Sunday, June 14, 2009

The blog is back

After a long break from blogging here, the blog is back on track. I have always loved writing here, but have been really busy traveling, work, and a few other excuses I havent thought of yet.....
Actually a major reason for the break, is a bad case of writers block. The common misconception about writers block is that one cant think of anything to write. In fact when one has WB, most people tend to write more than ever. You just think it all sucks, and hit the delete key, and so on. In most cases when I sit at my desk to write anything, it takes me a while to think of where to start. So I chat on IM with friends, send some text messages, stare out the window, twirl around in my chair, then suddenly BAM it comes to me. Then I start to write, and all the thoughts keep coming, and I dont know where to stop. I really enjoy writing these and hope anyone reading them also gets some enjoyment out of them.
So to catch everyone up: I have been spending my time traveling mainly to Europe, and playing with some awesome ffistmates, here and there. Now that you're up to speed, you can expect several blogs to come in the next short while to fill some of that in with more detail, as well as some detail about the recent video posts.