Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Earlier this year I got to revisit 1 of the my favorite cities in the world, Paris. What a cool city, the weather was beautiful, great for seeing the sites, walking around or renting those bikes the city provides for rental. Of course I also met some good friends there that showed me cool parts of the city. Big thx to FFboxing for being a great tour guide, and to his wonderFFul ass too :)

1 sexy stud I had chatted with for some time and planned to meet was Putexib. From our many chats it seemed we would definitely have a great time. I arrived by train from London, contacted him to let him know I arrived and to set up our connection. There was confusion on dates etc, and it appeared we would not be able to meet :( We both decided we couldn't let this opportunity to meet pass us by, and he decided he would come to Paris. He found a cheap last minute ticket, and was on his way :)

As scheduled, this very very cute stud arrived.... on time and everything. We met at my hotel room. I immediately noticed his big smile, long lean sexy body, and even cuter than I had thought before. He came in and made himself comfortable, and its then I realized that this boy speaks very little English....hmmm. Our chats were so fluid, I had no idea. So i started thinking back to my grade 10 french 1 class, and the few French words I can speak (badly) but stopped when my brain started to ache. Apparently he had a great translator on his computer... Putexib was standing there with a very shy look, trying to tell me something, but not finding the words in English.... so I came over, and he took my hand, put it to his chest, and his heart was racing.... so either he ran all the way from the train station, or he was a bit nervous. A nice big hug seemed to relax him..... from that point on we were perfectly in sinq even with a language barrier, the universal language took over.

Our session was absolutely amazing. His beautiful tattooed hole was a pleasure to play with and slowly open wide. This boy loves to get it punched out hard. During this session I threw some of the hardest punches ever, and that hole just begged for more, and more I gave. We played for several ours in my hotel room, with the sounds of Paris in the background (police sirens, etc). Several times both my fists nearly slipped into his sloppy hole..... taking them both became his mission at that point. After a few hrs of playing there we decided to go to 1 of the local bars with a sling and stuFF.... it was early in the afternoon, and we nearly had the whole place all to ourselves. It was during this part of the session in the sling that my 2nd fist slid securely into his pretty hole. As knuckles of my 2nd hand stretched him open, a nod (yes) from him, and a big hit of poppers, I felt his ass-ring open up swallow my hands, and grip both my wrists, making him only the 6th stud to open up for that. And again there was that big smile. "I'm happy" in a French accent echoed around the play area. Unfortunately we could not film this portion of our session :(

Putexib is an awesome talent esp for such a young age. He is also a very sweet boy, and super sexy. Even with not speaking the same language we managed to have a very connected session that lasted most of the day. Look out for much more of this stud



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cigarbabe said...

I wish I could have seen that session!
It must have been incredible!