Sunday, June 14, 2009

The blog is back

After a long break from blogging here, the blog is back on track. I have always loved writing here, but have been really busy traveling, work, and a few other excuses I havent thought of yet.....
Actually a major reason for the break, is a bad case of writers block. The common misconception about writers block is that one cant think of anything to write. In fact when one has WB, most people tend to write more than ever. You just think it all sucks, and hit the delete key, and so on. In most cases when I sit at my desk to write anything, it takes me a while to think of where to start. So I chat on IM with friends, send some text messages, stare out the window, twirl around in my chair, then suddenly BAM it comes to me. Then I start to write, and all the thoughts keep coming, and I dont know where to stop. I really enjoy writing these and hope anyone reading them also gets some enjoyment out of them.
So to catch everyone up: I have been spending my time traveling mainly to Europe, and playing with some awesome ffistmates, here and there. Now that you're up to speed, you can expect several blogs to come in the next short while to fill some of that in with more detail, as well as some detail about the recent video posts.