Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scene locations

I am always on the lookout for new scene locations for both sites. So if anyone have, apartments, garages, playrooms, bars, (private) backyards, decks, gardens, rooftops, or any cool spaces that would work for a shoot for or it would be awesome. As I said before I love shooting outside, and hoping to shoot some hot scenes near the Russian River in Northern California soon. If anyone has any great outdoors spaces in that area please get in contact. A few days ago we shot a super hot scene with Drew Cutler and Tristan Phoenix at Steamworks Berkeley for E9, and we shot a Studfist scene there with Trent Bloom last year, see Double Dip. Shooting at Steamworks is always awesome, and the Mtg and staff are very cool, and welcoming hosts. 

I can be reached via email,


Monday, July 2, 2012

Roof Top'D

This summer I planned a trip down to Southern California, with some shoots set up for our other website Of course I had to set up some time to connect  my favorite California boy, Chuck Deep. I made it a point to set up some time between shoots to visit this Chuck and explore his hungry hole. When we met up, we talked about how beautiful the day was and how it would be awesome to film out session outdoors somewhere...

Chuck knew of just the spot. He knew of a roof top, that would be perfect, so we went for it. I absolutely LOVE shooting outside, using natural sunlight and awesome background views, so when that opportunity comes along, I am all for it.

Chuck's hole was super hungry as usual, begging to be punched out, so I did just that. Chuck, sporting his shaggy-chic look, and aviators, looked so hot with his legs wide open and his beautiful hole begging for more. He then squatted down on my arm, even with helicopters buzzing around now and then could not stop this stud taking a nice hot ride. 

The whole thing was awesome, I love how the sun hit lense just right causing beautiful lense flares. It was a perfect day fisting my this boy, in a perfect spot. 
Enjoy Roof Top'D

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hot Handed

Hot Handed features super hungry, greedy, pigboy ----FIST. I had the pleasure to meet and play with this boy and his AMAZINGLY deep and wide hole on several occasions, and what a pleasure it was. Here we have 1 of our intense sessions, where he hopped in the sling and got ready for a hot ride.  While we were taking a break and having a beer, he said to me (grabbing my clenched fist) "I like this!" he continued on to say he his hole was really greedy, and then showed me just how greedy he was....

My fist slide in deeeeep inside this boys hole, nearly to the chain, then out and punched in deep again. Then for some wide double fist stretching. The 2nd fist went right in stretching this mega hole, then worked up to some in and out til some hot double punching. 

I really enjoyed having my (whole) arms inside this PIG, and look froward to more  

Enjoy Hot Handed


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Erik Rhodes 1982-2012

Today I got news that Falcon/Raging Stallions superstar Erik Rhodes passed away. Erik suffered a heart attack in his sleep the morning of  6/14/12, at the age of 30. I had the pleasure of meeting Erik several times over the past few years when he was out in SF shooting for 1 of the studios. I got to know Erik and realized what a sweet sensitive guy he was, which admittedly few people got to see. Erik will be missed, by friends and fans alike all around the world. RIP my friend


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back In SF

Just back home in SF after a month in Berlin. It was a great time as usual in such a fine city. I was able to connect with some awesome friends and met a few new ones as well. My good playmate SchaaFF came for a very hot wkd from Cologne. What a good boy he is :)

This trip also gave me a chance to test out my new digital (still) camera. I've always in the past worked my way up through technologies, like buying a low end camera then a year or 2 later, realizing that I need a better piece or equipment, then up  and on and on, til I have what I probably should have gotten at the start. Not to mention that technologies grow so fast, its hard to keep up sometimes, and whatever is new certainly beats the old crap you already have (or seems to). This time I went against my usual habits and bought a nice highish end DSLR camera, which I found a great deal on that was "must have".

The cam takes awesome pics, with amazing detail and lovely color right out of the cam, but will take some time to master the setting and such (this is NO point and shoot!). 

 My fantastic playbuddy GermanFistRider was happy to be a test subject and pose for some snaps during breaks in our recent session.

 I'll be adding more pics of hot sessions in time, as I'm enjoying my new burgeoning hobby

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming to London & Paris

I've asked a few of my buds in UK  and France already, but thought I'd put it on blast here too. I'm planning a trip to London and Paris this summer, and looking for a nice, but cheapish B&B or hotel for a week or so. I'm looking for Soho or Vauxhall or at least close to those areas in London, and in Paris in or near Le Marais area. If anyone knows of a place or knows someone who knows of a place, I will be most thankful. Contact me at


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This video features the sexy Tamor. I had wanted to meet up with this stud for quite a while and when he told me he had moved to Berlin, I knew it was just a matter of time. We planned a playdate , and he told me how much he enjoyed the Studfist website, and how much he would love to be on there...done and done! 

This stud is very sweet and quite soft spoken in real life, but when it come to sex his inner pig takes over, and I mean PIG! This boy was fairly new to taking punches from big paws but absolutely loved it. He just begged for more pushing out his ass, with big puffy asslips and pissing all over himself. 


After wearing out his hole he wanted my cum. He lapped up every drop and licked my fingers to make sure nothing went to waste :) Good boy!



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back in SF... whew!!

Hey Guys, its been a long few weeks of traveling and work for me, and I'm sorry that I have ignored the blog. But theres good news...I'm back at it.  I was away on a weeks holiday with pals in Puerto Vallarta, which was amazing...the 1st day I was freaking out that my cell didn't work, and internet was spotty at best, but by the next day I was like "my phone doesn't work, YAY!!" 1 of the best little gettaways I have had in a while. Some super hot boys on the beach and lots of fun and ffun. After returning home and detoxing from all the tequila, (for those tequila lovers, try Blue Agave and Centenella...GOOD STUFF!) I had lots of editing to catch up on, and details for the site(s), and just a few days before I was off to LA for a week of shooting for For those that don't know. EDGER9 aka E9 is our other website. Its vanilla (no FF yet) but some hot men and great hard sex nontheless. I produce and direct these videos, but may just cast myself now and again:)  Its been a lot of work getting this site back up and running, but a lot of fun. This is our 3rd and final (I hope) incarnation of this site, and by far the best stuff. Check it out
I'll attach a few pics from this weeks shooting.
Camden Christenson, Johnathin Gabriel, Jason Crew and Lex Sabre 4some

sexy power bottom Johnathin Gabriel covered in cum, and ready for more

Gianni Luca, Daniel De Longpre and Trevor Knight 3some

Daniel De Longpre takes Trevor Knight's big cock

Gianni Luca takes Trevor Knight's big cock

Rex Roddick prepares to fuck Bryce Star

Rex Roddick & Bryce Star bathed in cum
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Thursday, January 12, 2012