Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today I was scrolling through the blog entries and noticed the dates of the very 1st entries. 2007 was the very 1st entry called "Sex in the City" and as they say, the rest is history. Its really hard to believe its been so long. I also took a look at the videos from the beginning and its amazing what they looked like then vs what things look like now. I have always tried to advance and evolve without loosing ourselves and what we are in the process, and I am very proud of where the site is now, as well as where we came from. 

I want to thank all of you for your support and for being the pervs that you are over the last yrs. Don't ever change. Also a HUGE thanks to all the people that had/have/will have something to do with this site. The awesome players are a big part of making this site what it is and its been my pleasure to get to know them as well as stretch many of their holes out. I would also like to thank our former partners at Hot House Entertainment, and our current partners at Raging Stallions Studios, for all of their support, and we look forward to all the things to come. We will continue to try our very best to bring you good, hard, nasty, "real" unscripted FF play for your enjoyment. We hope you continue to enjoy what you see and heres to the next years and beyond. *Cheers*


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Deep Dish

  Deep Dish features the incredibly sexy superstar Christian Herzog. This is 1 of those times that I could not wait to start putting the video together. I've gone over the action in my head many time (with a rock hard cock of course) so I knew the vid would be smoking hot.  Christian has become a good friend and playmate in Germany, and I am proud to bring his awesome talents and sexy look to you all.

I met Christian in Berlin when he and his bf (my longtime buddy) Danny Fox came over to my play apt in Berlin for some afternoon ffun. I was already having a hot session with GermanFistRider, but we both agreed to have them come join us. There is no finer way to spend a Saturday afternoon than working over a couple of hot pigs. Christian came in and was out of his cloths and comfortable in the gyn0-chair in no time flat...from there his hot ass found its way nearly the full lenght of my forearm. After the session we both agreed that we MUST do it again, and to put it on video.

A week or so later we connected and his ass was aching for my arm...and they were aching for his hole. For this session I invited my bff Phillip (fforceful) to come over and film the hot action. He was ringing the door bell before I could fully get it out.
He also did an excellent job for his 1st time as a camera man. I could here him gasp as Christian took my arm deeper.... deeper.... take a deep breath and deeper yet. This boy likes the depth, that's for sure, he also took a lot of good hard punching and my cock and fist at the same time, loving every second of it. Christian enjoyed getting his hole worked over to extremes to total exhaustion in a puddle of j-lube and piss.

Christian is a very sexy boy but knows how to get extremely piggy too...just what I like, and exactly what is all about. Definitely expect to see more of this stud in the future.

You will notice some differences on the site. There is a new "XXX pics" gallery with hot pics, and in addition to your normal 2 times a month updates, you will also see the new "coming soon" previews on the landing page. The Deep Dish full video will be the next update

Enjoy Deep Dish


Thursday, April 7, 2011


We are all here cause we like ass - either our own or someone elses but we LOVE ASS

Part of the fisting game is dildos, can you take em, and how big, how deep?  Do you love to shove them in your bottom's hole and really stretch him out or do you just love to ride in preparation ( or substitution) for your man's hand?

Xtube is the land of headless dildo riders.  I have some headless videos on there, you may too... but there was a special guy that really got our attention


He has the biggest hole since Breaker1 graced the halls of this very site and we got him!  He came to visit us a few weeks ago and WE GOT HIM GOOD.  Did he have a problem with that - hell no!

I was really excited to meet him, he just is such a good pig and has been showing the world just how piggy he is for a few years now - shoving giant -AND I MEAN GIANT- toys in his butt, getting double fisted, and even riding big stud Joey Jordan on camera (Joey even pointed us in his Tyler's direction he was so impressed).

We really wanted to treat this boy so we got our gear and a big bag to toys and carted him off to Steamworks. We got ourselves a big room with a dungeon bed and some room to move around..

   So impressive is his skill that I gave him a butt plug that I will never ever be able to take...   I told him if he could take it he could have it..

Of course this is not just about dildos, the mighty Amerifist was itchin to work this guys hole so he did and boy its an  impressive thing to see....  and you will.... coming soon to