Thursday, February 25, 2010


When in the UK, I always enjoy connecting with 1 of my favorite FF mates, Hayden70. Hayden is a very sexy pup with a nice hungry ass, and loves to have it worked. When we met up we were trying to come up with something a bit different for a video. At lunch we both were talking about the beautiful weather that Bristol had been getting.....suddenly we looked at each other, and from his smirk I could tell he was thinking what I was thinking....."LETS PLAY OUTSIDE" I said, he said "I know the perfect spot." So we got our selves all geared up and headed out to the spot.

There is a popular cruising spot off in the woods, that only gets really busy at night and on wkds, it was perfect.  We followed a trail to a point that you cant go any further, and from where we were we could see anyone coming long before they saw us (we hoped).  Walking down to the spot, we passed a few hikers, and runners, so we  knew we'd have to be very watchful for passers by.

The weather was perfect, and it became a bit cloudy as we started, which was great cos I had feared that his extremely white booty might be overexposed in the bright sunlight. The session was hot as usual...Hayden's pretty ass framed in latex chaps, mmmmm. Lots of lube and some good punches it opened up beautifully for me. Unfortunately following the session 1 of the cameras harddrives died and the other angles footage with it. God rest its soul - RIP JVC.......

Really enjoyed getting in the great outdoors with this pup. Every trip into the woods should be so much ffun :)

enjoy OutDoorsMen


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greetings from snowy Berlin

I have had a very busy last few months, working on the project, arranging things for upcoming video projects, finalizing things with the flat in Berlin (which there seems to be always something to finalize) and traveling a bit as well. As many of you may know Eu has become my new hangout, and will be spending more time in Eu than ever. It has been awesome to catch up with friends here in Germany, and to get over to Paris for some time to meet up with some friends. Big Thanks you to Robin Paris you are ffucking awesome, and thx to the sexy CPhot.
Of course this also gave me a chance to connect with some familiar faces and holes as well. No trip to France would be complete without feeling the insides of Putexib. We met up in Paris and had a session to end all sessions. Also while in Paris I was able to connect with SuperStar Nicholas Torri, what a sexy stud he is. You will see and hear more about them both in the near future.
I will be in Europe for some time, and traveling quite a bit, maybe a city near you, lol, next stop London.

I have also been doing quite a bit of upgrading for the site. Dyn0 has been working hard to keep the site fresh, and looking pretty. I have been searching for new things in order to better your viewing (and wanking) pleasures. We now have great new HD cams, so you will be able to see every pore on an ass and with great color and clarity.  Many other upgrades have been secured too, and we hope you notice and enjoy the changes that you will see soon. We have many videos already in the can, so it will be some time before the HD vids are posted. But we will soon give you some sneak previews of some of the new stuFF.

hope everyone is having loads of ffun