Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This video features the sexy, hot PunchPig4Service. I finally had a chance to meet this stud, after years of chatting back and fourth and just missing each other in city after city. PunchPig came for a visit in Berlin for a few days. We had already discussed the possibilities of filming some hot stuFF, and when we met in person, we both knew we were both in. 

We played the full weekend on and off camera, and in various locations..... PunchPig is a insatiable boy that loves getting his ass nailed, yep my kinda pig :) One afternoon we decided to go to Jaxx a local sex-club in Berlin, which just happen to be around the corner from my flat. The club is dark and definitely has a sexy sleazy feel, dark lighting, black walls and lots of guys milling cruising or going from cabin to cabin. Even the sounds there are horny....the sound of sex music mixed with the moaning and groaning of many porn movies playing all at once. We found 1 of the larger cabins and before 
I knew it his naked ass was
on the bench begging to be punched.

The space was a bit cramped with all of us (Dyn0 on camera) in there, but we managed to get some really hot action, including a really hot piss play, which has the darkest yellowest piss I ever seen in my entire life. That shit was sticky, bitter and nasty, MMMmmmmm. It was very natural and spur of the moment, and you get the action as it happened. 

PunchPig is an awesome guy and I enjoyed 4 very hot days with this stud, and plan to enjoy his company and his ass again in the future. You can expect to see much more of this stud in the future.

This video was labeled a "Gorrilla video shoot" and we plan to bring more of this type stuff in the future