Friday, June 6, 2014

The New Face of Reality

When we started STUDFIST we talked about what kind of website we wanted to be.  Back in the early 90s HotHouse Entertainment in San Francisco launched a new genre of fisting videos under a label called Plain Wrapped ... which is now called Club Inferno.  Plain Wrapped was great - it was real and raw and hard core.  I recall us discussing that kind of porno was the way men really fisted.

Thats what we wanted to be - and I think we have achieved that.  Since our beginnings piracy and do-it-yourself sites like XTube have become very popular and have dramatically changed things.  Cameras are better, video editing software is cheaper - so how to stay relevant?

Some of the big studios have increased production values to the point that they seem completely staged and in a lot of cases - BORING. On the other end you get a lot of short clips of varying quality, mostly headless bodies that can be hot but send you on the hunt for more..

So here we have  STUDFIST - the only website that produces fisting porn that isn't in a studio.  They wanted us but they didnt know exactly what to do with us.  They know we are in touch with men into assplay.  We have our cameras with us where ever we go.  We meet guys or they come to us because they want to play "just like" we do on screen. And everyone who knows STUDFIST knows this is the place to get fisted RIGHT. We are FISTERS - its a huge part of our life.

This week I got a real treat and got to get naked and get out my camera with a couple of really sexy and wonderful guys. One is my longtime idol and has since become a really great friend - Cory Jay.  I had a HUGE crush on him when I was a kid and he has turned into a silver-haired Daddy that is charming and smart and sexy as ever.  The best thing is he is a FISTER. That is pretty much the only porn he has done.  We talk at least once a week.  We exchange tips on better butt play.  We talk about the hot men that are part of our circles.. Big hands, hot ass, do they like fisting?  ... its great.

Cory has always resisted shooting with us and then went on to retire from porn a couple of years ago. 

WELL - do I have a treat. Recently he came to me with a location and a vision of what and who he wanted to come out of retirement for..   We shot in Palm Springs, in a private pool, with a hot stud who we both already knew,   He has worked with me at Mr S. Leather and has appeared on STUDFIST - we love him (those blue eyes are amazing)  

Yesterday was the day, we all arrived at Cory's friends home, it was 100F (38C)  outside and we just got to it right away.  They played for HOURS.  It was something we haven't really done before - but -  it was REAL.  There was nothing staged, I gave no direction or instructions.  I was even naked  in the pool with my camera while they fisted each other into oblivion

Real Life. No Bullshit. Boom.

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