Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This video feature Andreas. Andreas is a very loud and talented hungry pigboy. I've known Andreas for many years and play often with this pig. its always a joy to push his limits and have him push 1 of the biggest meatiest rosebuds out at me. He came over 1 afternoon to my play apartment (the Chrome apt) for a hot session. He has usually worn the gas mask in previous scenes, but this time he is sporting a black faceless hood, that only has the mouth part open.

He hopped up and made himself comfortable in the GynO-Chair. Andreas has always loved the punching, but this time we were able to work on some nice depth too. His hole is opening nicely wide and deep now, and even took my fist and forearm with the gauntlet on it. 

you will enjoy this scene with this noisy pig.

enjoy Handfull


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